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Imagine a terrorist country, dropping bombs and killing innocent people all around the world, where military pawns can't handle honest criticism, a country that won't fix its bridges and roads, can't properly educate the youth, can't properly care for the elderly, can't properly feed, clothe, and shelter the poor - a country where alcoholism is celebrated and promoted everywhere - where the opioid epidemic is causing serious destruction - YEAH - why is no one showing their american pride!?!

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Yup, I thanked what thought was woman cashier at a box store, but as I was walking away, I thought, 'she', maybe wanted to be addressed as something else; as she looked quite butch.

It actually has left me a little horrified, as my intent was 'I recognize you as living, you matter', but in doing so, perhaps, I insulted her, it, them. It left the only safe pronoun being what, 3rd person shit like in The Silence of the Lambs; " 'it' rubs the lotion on 'it's' skin".

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What you thought to yourself doesn't matter. If you said "thank you", you were polite and that's always okay.

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Americans are completely dazed now.

Why did the USA fight Nazis and Commies just to become Nazis and Commies?


The elites and Americans all support endless wars, debt, and tyranny. The only rational response for any American to mass insanity and social breakdown is to get out.

Sell your property, buy gold, and leave. The USA is collapsing and you need to save yourself by moving today.

Secession might help the US, but that doesn't seem likely.

The USA is so far gone now that if a governor ordered the police to arrest TSA agents, the governor would be villified in the press as insane, the NSA will post dirt on him, and he mysteriously might end up dead in a ditch.

Does anyone see what is going down?

What would you say if you were taught to be moral and love freedom, personal responsibility, the free market, private property, balanced budgets, and peace and then you heard Americans say that the USA needs to nationalize businesses, start a trade war, close the borders, ban protesting, close churches, ban flag-burning, close newspapers, outlaw guns, expand forfeiture, and have wars, debt, free college, checkpoints, torture, NSA wiretapping, indefinite detention without trials, and extrajudical assassination?

What do you think when Americans say that the US is a free country?

The world is in the Dark Ages now.

Americans are simply unable to understand that tyranny doesn't end until everyone ends up in the concentration camps.

Income taxes started out as 5% on the rich and then the rate rose until everyone has to pay 40%

The elites said driver licenses would only require a name. Later you needed a photo to get a license. Now you need to give fingerprints like a criminal to get a license. Soon you will need to give DNA samples and get a microchip implant to get a license.

DWI checkpoints became safety checkpoints then driver license checkpoints, and now drug checkpoints.

Paper bag bans then became plastic bag bans.

DWI limits used to be 0.10%. Now they are 0.05% and soon they will be 0.0%.

Americans scream every decree makes sense and must be obeyed.

Americans say that they will be happy and tyranny will end when toothpicks are outlawed, but then you can be damn sure socks will be banned later.

Americans scream that they are free because they can smoke marijuana and be fags now, but when every remaining freedom is squashed, pot and homosexuality will be outlawed again. Do you think that North Korea is a paradise?

You might be surprised the first time you see the Gestapo smashing the skulls of children with batons and shooting Americans in the back, but soon Americans will get used to it.

Soon all of the USA will look like Detroit and Venezuela.

What will you do when the president says that the tax rate has now become 95%? Vote?

Who would have thought in 1980 that the USA would soon have curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, checkpoints, forfeiture, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, torture, kill lists, no fly lists, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, FBAR, FATCA, TSA groping, secret FISA courts, and Jade Helm?

When the USA closes the border, interstate travel will be banned, and travel permits will be required.

Do you really think that the ruling class will be able to kick the debt can down the road for another 50 years?

Do you think that the Gestapo will be able to round you up easily when they begin the final solution to wipe out the 99% if you're not in the USA?

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Great READ! There's a real dichotomy to the whole thing that most seem to miss.

Having said that, I lived outside of the country for a long while. I found do to US politics, it wasn't too good to be an American. Not only that, but Israel at least at that time, loved carrying out their mossad operations with US passports.

I guess, the best I can argue, or recommend, is you've got to learn to blend into your surroundings as best as you can, or become marked.

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The left's continuous hammering of conservative beliefs, that started with Obama blasting rural religious beliefs and gun owners 10 years ago, is the a main cause. Networks like CNN make matters worse by continually repeating news with anti-American subtexts.

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yeah it couldn't have anything to do with the fact that this country has been run by a political mafia for decades, a shady group of folks who don't give a shit about anyone or anything but themselves and their bank account numbers... no, "it started with obama" LOL (someone is listening to "continually repeating news")

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a lot of people can't see this. they don't want to hear it either. if you bring this up, you're a "libtard".

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Does anyone get the feeling that the Uniparty has been bought off by the elites?

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wtf do yeh expect with a moran ass president 😱

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This feels like Obama's 3rd term.