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Anyone under the age 50 will almost certainly see the US collapse in their lifetimes. You can't even be sure now if the US will last another year.

One could understand why those who are 70 might want to keep their head down, but any American who is 20 or 30 or 40 and is not resisting or making plans to leave the US is insane. Everything is illegal. You have nothing left to lose.

Terrorists, dissidents, and seasteaders are all targets. There is no escape. You might buy some time by moving to another country, though.

Some say protesting doesn't work, but Americans protested the Vietnam War and the war ended. Americans are too cowardly and depraved now to protest US wars in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Niger, Yemen, and Somalia and the wars continue.

How can Americans justify paying taxes for US wars, debt, and tyranny? Does your conscience bother you at all?

The cowards who bitch about the US collapse online now are no better than the disgusting American sheep who only care about drugs, alcohol, bread and circuses, sex, music, movies, sports, and celebrities.

The US government is not legitimate today. You wouldn't feel guilty if you didn't pay the Crips or the Mafia protection money, so why should you feel bad about not paying taxes?

The US is a police state and you want to buy a fishing license? WTF?

You know that the US is completely doomed when the USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state, but Americans only care about slavery reparations, free college, and homosexuality.

Voting doesn't work because candidates won't stand up for freedom, the voters don't demand freedom, and the election machines can be hacked.

In a a free country, there are lines that you do not cross. Free countries do not have checkpoints, nanny state laws, TSA groping, censorship, protesting bans, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, indefinite detention without trial, extrajudicial assassination, forfeiture, and torture. The USA has crossed all of them.

Do you think the debt will decline, the wars will end, and the Bill of Rights will be restored on their own?

The US stock market will implode, guns will be banned, there will be starvation, there will be dead bodies in the street, Americans will start sabotaging government equipment, government workers will begin to worry if they will come come home at night, Americans will become kamikaze pilots and suicide bombers, there will be death camps, there will be a Civil War, and WWIII will break out.

The government can't help you. The government is destroying you.

The real heroes today are those resisting tyranny like Assange, Snowden, and Manning.

Americans need to wake up and start becoming fanatic about freedom immediately.

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$lavery i$ $till alive and well! Modern $lave$ just don't realize they're $lave$... they love $$$

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How can white people who ridicule savage mudshits for murdering other mudshits think that they can take the moral high ground when white people murder other white people? … -1.3385163 … ng-fields/ … .biography … isons.html

White people may think they will live paradise if the shitskins were dead, but who will white people mate with when the world is a big, white family?

Incest didn't work out too well for the Amish or royal families. … ng_la.html

White people may think that a world without mudshits would be heaven, but how can white people have a one world government when the Romans hated Barbarians, the French hate the British, Russians hate Germans, Scots hate the English, and the Hatfields hate the Mccoys? … iniseries/

How can whites have a Great White Empire when white people can't even decide if Russians and Italians are white?

After all the mudshits are gone, white people might be a big, happy white family, but after a few years people will start complaining about those weird Amish or those fucking hippies and the gas chambers will be opened up again.