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I think if they were... they wouldn't need to listen so such angry and abrasive music as heavy metal. You don't see buddhist monks at peace listening to death metal every day

I could see it being good to blow off steam for a bit though.

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I think it has to do with car driving and the radio:

Metal fans just have to use CDs/Mp3s to get the music they want, this way they also miss the advertisement which tortures everybody.

Also, depending on the band, the lyrics tend to go a bit deeper than most 'radio - music'. Because it's (especially the 'extremer' versions) so disregarded by the mainstream as a genre: these people are by music choice excluded from most mainstream bullshit. Much like a Buddhist monk.

I think if they were... they wouldn't need to listen

There is no need, being a fan doesn't mean being a addict. It's about appreciating this master piece: , which is all about embracing the shadow as Jung said.