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This seems contrary to the concept of free speech. A fine may have been more appropriate.

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Well a fine would be just as contrary to free speech. Its just not as harsh of a punishment.

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Fining or punishing anybody for sharing a video is contrary to free speech. You can find worse shit on Liveleak. The way New Zealand has reacted to the Christchurch shooting is bizarre.

Let's have a retarded debate about what types of speech it's good to fine and punish people for.

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My point exactly.

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This guy sounds like a hateful dick, but I cannot fathom how it is even remotely correct to arrest or sentence him to jail time for simply being a dick.

Plus, as was said in another comment, he did this before the pro\eposterous law was instated that made viewing or sharing the video illegal.

There seems to be a worldwide trend of abusing the law horribly for political gain.

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There seems to be a worldwide trend of abusing the law horribly for political gain.

The worst part is the NZ/AU reaction to the whole thing seems to have been spring-loaded, like they were just waiting for some big bad event so they could clamp down on every media outlet and avenue of expression.

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Yes, and worse still, the worldwide msm doesn't make any noise about it whatsoever. Like Thoughtcrimes and Lookcrimes are now perfectly normal things to criminalize officially now.

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the guy shared it before it was made illegal to do so....

nz is in a hell of trouble, after they declared for Allah in parliament and on national radio

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When the jurors view the video as evidence will they be immediately arrested? Their brains at least need to be cleansed afterwards. Maybe a Clockwork Orange kinda thing?

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Although the man is some kind of neo-nazi or "jerk", I don't think he deserves to be punished like this simply for sharing a copy of that shooting video. Look at the September 11 terrorist attacks. That was one of the most horrible things in human history to happen, yet it was covered by everyone from professional news outlets to people who just happened to be there. Multiple versions of recording of the event are on video and shared for many years on the net. There have been many videos or livestreams of bad things happening available on the net (especially liveleak and similar sites), but what made this mosque shooting video so special that whoever shares it should get sent to prison?

If they're afraid that it's going to inspire other bad people from killing lots of people, I don't think simply banning videos on the net will prevent that from happening. Their problem is in their mind, not what they watch. They don't need to see a video or read a manifesto to simply start killing people. For example, this guy Brenton Tarrant, the shooter. If I remember correctly, the trigger that caused him to think it's time to do something was when he saw that there were more immigrants coming out of a grocery than local citizens. It's not a mass murder video than inspired him, it's not a manifesto he read, but it's something in his real life that he witnessed.

Some people are just crazy or evil like that. They don't like something or someone, their answer is to eliminate it instead of seeing where they could bridge the gap between understanding and acceptance.

Censorship is a weak band-aid applied over a big wound. It never works.

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The punishment is outrageous since the entire video is still being shared on . BTW, YouTube has taken down the Serbian military music that the shooter played on the way to the first mosque.

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i dont understand- im Old and have problems understanding the "Stream"concept (wtf is streaming i mean), so now im really confused, it says the man shared the footage of the shooting during a "LIVEstream" but in the story it says the guy had a copy of what the terrorist taped during the shooting and he put that copy-video on ehhh Live stream?!, idg if its a copy its NOT live right? if it was life he prob. was involved in the shooting./knowing it would happend and had contact with the terrorist at the moment of the WTF means Livestreaming and WTF is Streaming....FACK this future crap .🥴🤪😵

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Ok ill try explain this.

The video was live streamed, similar to how something can be live on TV. It is shown in real time.

But someone recorded this livestream, similarly to how you could record a show off the TV. So now its a video.

Also on the internet, a live stream can become a video when it ends, meaning that someone can go back and watch it as a video after it has stopped being streamed.

Hope that explains it.

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oke so when they talk about "streaming" its always taped/recorded right? only "livestream" means that its a recording from a live event...right?

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A stream and a livestream are the same thing. They are both from a live event.

They can also additionally be recorded for later, but it doesn't have to be. In this case it was.

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oke thanks, ps but i think the name/word "livestream"is deceptive...or atleast confusing to me, psps they also gonne/or do streaming of games and thats recorded stuff, its not live so 🥴🙃😵🤪...or is it?

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Not all of them are recorded. It depends on the capabilities of the program or website you're using to do the streaming. I think the Christchurch lunatic used Facebook which offers that record as you broadcast feature. Additionally, anyone with the right program can record a livestream they're watching, save it as a video, and share it with others. In this instance, a bunch of people did exactly that. Since livestreams are uncensored, and there's so many people livestreaming, it took the admins a while to take it down. But the damage was done. Once something's out there, it's out there. And it's damned near impossible to actually get anything removed from the Internet.