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The pro/anti flouride debate always leaves me with a few questions that no one answers on other social media, what are your thoughts on these?


  1. If you use a water filter (jug type) is this 'good enough' to significantly reduce flouride in tap water?

  2. If you use an under-the-counter water filter system is this 'good enough' to significantly reduce flouride in tap water?

  3. They say spitting is better than swallowing, for toothpaste anyway, but does the average anti-flouride person frown on toothpaste?

  4. What alternative to toothpaste would there be? Especially for chocolate gorging sweet chewing fat children?

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  1. no, Brita type filters don't remove any fluoride, fluoride and other pharmaceuticals are too small. there are pitcher type filters like AquaGear that do ($70, I have one and love it).

  2. yes, if it is a reverse osmosis system. more effective than 1, wastes water though.

  3. I don't have a problem with toothpaste. it's topical medicine for topical concerns. however, too much fluoride has become a bigger issue than not enough. especially for kids. check out "dental fluorosis"

  4. homemade toothpaste recipies exist. it's baking soda and a few other things .

  5. you will absorb a significant amount of water and any toxins it has when you shower/bath.