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For those of you who think they're using a euphemism for "vaccination", this is a more general term and so is objectively the correct one to use in this situation; it's not some kind of PR stunt or whatever.

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Americans are so enslaved that they think government agents are holy gods, but since the elites and the government are the same now, asking for government protection from businesses is like asking a thief to watch your house when you go on vacation.

FAA regulates airlines, but airplanes still fail.

SEC regulates stockbrokers, but markets still crash.

FDA regulates drugs, but drugs are still dangerous.

EPA regulates the environment, but the EPA pollutes.

The USSR was a Socialist utopia, but the Soviet Union was polluted.

Maybe the real reason there are food stamps now is because food and banking corporations lobby for them.

Maybe the real reason tax filing is so difficult is that tax preparation corporations lobby for complicated tax forms.

Maybe the real reason there are laws against ridesharing is because taxi cab companies lobby for regulations against competition.

Maybe the real reason there are mandatory vaccine laws now is because pharmaceutical corporations lobby for them.

Maybe the real reason the US is a police state now is because private prison corporations lobby for it.

Maybe the real reason the US is a warmonger now is because defense corporations lobby for wars.

Maybe the real reason there are mandatory health and auto insurance laws now is because insurance companies lobby for them.

Maybe the real reason there are bailouts and subsidies is because corporations lobby for them.

Maybe the real reason there are government student loans and grants now is because colleges lobby for them.

The government takes away your freedom, but won’t protect you.

The way to deal with danger today is to do what worked in the past.

Government needs to be small and people need to take personal responsibility and embrace freedom.

Being dangerous is not in the best of companies.

The big difference between private business and tyranny is that you can boycott the free market, but the government forces you at gunpoint to do something or not do something.

Look not to the politicians; look to yourselves.

Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.

What do we need government for anyway?

Everything the free market does is better than what government does.

Would you rather graduate from Harvard or the University of New Mexico? Would you rather own a Yugo or a BMW?

If a private association like the MPAA can regulate movies, why can’t the private market regulate other things?

When the TSA fingers your asshole and pulls your cock, is the real purpose to protect you or to make you feel like a degraded slave?

When people smoke now, people just call the police on them, but people in the past either took some personal responsibility and ignored smokers, moved away from smokers, or asked smokers to go somewhere else. The problem with a police state is everyone now is either or a slave or a criminal. Who pays the taxes to pay for tyranny?

If smoking is dangerous, can’t nonprofits raise funds to pay for educational campaigns that warn of the dangers of smoking instead of outlawing smoking?

Can’t people use the BBB to verify if a business is good or not instead of forcing companies to pay fees to get a government business license?

Can’t private charities funded by volunteer donations provide homeless shelters and soup kitchens instead of being at forced at the point of a gun by the government to pay taxes that fund welfare?

Can’t people use guns to protect themselves instead of relying on the Gestapo?

Can’t neighbourhoods hire private security firms to protect their homes?

Can’t the free market provide toll roads?

Can’t the free market provide private airports?

Can’t the free market provide private schools?

Can’t the free market provide disaster relief instead of FEMA?

Can’t the free market run delivery services instead of the USPS?

Can’t the free market run railroads instead of Amtrack?


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This is unconstitutional. It won't last.

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The only difference from the government and the Mafia today is that the government has a flag in front of their office.