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"The city Department of Education has spent more than half a million bucks on training in combatting “white supremacy culture,” teaching of such sins as “perfectionism,” “a belief in meritocracy” and “the Protestant work ethic,” as one seminar-goer told The Post’s Susan Edelman. "

I'm reading that, as trying to do the best you can, is racist, and doing things half ass is legit? Is this the correct interpretation, or ?

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That's also the way I read this, especially the "perfectionism" part.

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Americans say that they hate the elites and love freedom, but then Americans turn around and embrace every idea the ruling powers are pushing.

The ruling class uses their control of the media and Hollywood to play Americans like a fiddle. The ruling class and the media have studied history well and have slowly chipped away freedom over the past 50 years. The elites can manipulate Americans to give up their freedom easily.

The elites create a problem and then offer a solution.

If the ruling class wants Americans to demand regulations, the press runs stories about how workers cannot afford rents because of low minimum wages.

When regulations kill off businesses, the media plays endless stories about why bailouts are needed.

When the 1% wants Americans to love wars, reporters write stories about how brutal a dictator is in a foreign country.

When US wars lead to refugees, the media plays sympathetic reports about why poor and pitiful refugees are just victims.

When US wars lead to terrorism, the news runs stories calling for more laws that enlarge the police state.

When the ruling powers want to lock the US down, the media runs constant stories about why the USA needs a wall and articles about why traveling to foreign countries is dangerous.

When the ruling class want Americans to accept illegal immigrants, the media will run articles about how studies show that every white person has Asian DNA.

When the 1% wants to fill their private prisons, the press shows stories about why saggy pants or plastic bags need to be illegal.

When the police shoot unarmed Americans in the back for vaping, the media reports that the victim was just an innocent teen, grandpa, veteran, or single mother.

When the ruling class wants Americans to be immoral, the press runs stories about how homosexuality is normal.

When the ruling powers wants Americans to dependent on welfare, the press changes history and say that George Washington would have supported Obamacare.

When the 1% wants Americans to give up their guns, the media runs stories about a black person who shot someone.

When the elites wants Americans to embrace laws banning protesting, the media runs stories about protesters who broke windows.

When the ruling class wants Americans to forget history, the press runs articles calling for statues to be removed because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.

When the ruling powers want Americans to accept police militarization, journalists report on the dangers of drugs.

When the 1% wants Americans to accept censorship, the media plays stories about racist hate speech or Russian propaganda.

When the elites want Americans to accept banning home schools, the press runs articles about dirty houses.

When the ruling class wants Americans to be distracted, the media will play stories about celebrities or sports.

If the 1% wants all men to register as sex offenders, the media will use a horrifying story about a white man who raped and killed a 7 year old girl.

All the government needs to do to get Americans to give up their guns is to use a real or staged shooting and non-stop 24/7 news coverage about the dangers of guns and play slanted stories about the success of gun laws in Australia or Japan to get Americans to register their guns this year and then use another shooting next year to convince Americans to accept gun confiscation and microchip implants.

If the elites want to make Americans give up their freedom then they take the worst case and use endless stories maximizing the dangers of a tragedy and minimizing and ignoring the arguments for liberty.

The elites ensure that nothing will ever change by saying that anyone who supports immorality, war, debt, welfare, tyranny, and illegal aliens is normal, but anyone who defends morals, peace, a balanced budget, personal responsibility, freedom, and reduced immigration is a spy, racist, junkie, retard, or nutjob.


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If you live on a good white street and your neighbor is sent to prison then you might start to wonder if your neighbor is really evil or are you living in a police state.