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Well, it makes sense. They're not paying fuel taxes that presumably go towards maintaining the roads that they're using.

Kind of disincentives owning EVs though, which is unfortunate.

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Americans scream for their chains.

Americans are so fearful, brainwashed, dependent, or ignorant that they think like children and justify every law and overlook every abuse carried out by the government. They believe government workers are kind gods who can do no wrong. Americans would rather blame the victim of government abuse than the government. Americans feel that the government can run their lives better they can and that safety is more important than freedom.

Americans feel that the correct response to tyranny is surrender. Americans believe the only ones who support freedom are pedophiles, hippies, retards, foreigners, terrorists, faggots, spammers, trolls, shills, bots, racists, junkies, CIA employees, traitors, nutjobs, Jews, Communists, or Fascists. Americans think freedom only benefits other people. Americans believe that they will never be a victim of tyranny. Americans think the only possible way to solve any problem is force.

Americans are so fat, degraded, and drugged up that they eagerly allow themselves to be molested to ride a bus, offer their fingerprints to get a driver license, and open their bags to be searched so they can ride a subway.

If Americans are asked about the US debt, they respond that it doesn't matter because it is not real money and doesn't need to be paid back. Americans say the USA should start a trade war because there might be a war. Americans say tax breaks are theft. Americans think the post office should lose money.

Americans say roads would turn to dirt and people would be forced to ride horses if there was a smaller government. Americans insist tyranny is fine because the government owns the media. Americans scream the police state is good because tyranny is a first-world problem.

Americans say government decrees made the USSR successful. Americans feel countries are strong when white people are dead. Americans believe the US always had seatbelt checkpoints and TSA groping. Americans say revolting against the British was a huge mistake. Americans scream loving freedom means that you're racist.

Americans insist China has Obamaphones. Americans say interstate trade must be banned. Americans believe Americans do not live in the USA. Americans say those who love freedom do not use cash. Americans scream that the US didn't have black people before today.

Americans say taxes are too low. Americans think private corporations print the US dollar. Americans say building fewer houses indicates a booming economy and leads to lower home prices. Americans believe the government should set a maximum wage. Americans think unemployment is high because people are working two jobs. Americans believe North America was uninhabited before the Europeans arrived. Americans say Jesus was immoral. Americans scream that everything invented after 1776 is illegal.

Americans claim that they will start a blog when the US shuts down the Internet. Reporters are being arrested now, but Americans say reporters are never arrested. Americans say the US cannot revoke passports because Americans are dual citizens. Americans say cellphones cannot be wiretapped. The USSR had concentration camps, but Americans say the US could never afford them. Americans say high gas prices are not a problem because the US has unlimited oil.

Americans say that the US government was entirely funded by corporate taxes before 1913. Americans say the homeless should be beheaded. Americans insist that you can't have a society without concentration camps. Americans say everyone would be a slave if there was no minimum wage. Americans say the US government was much larger in 1930 than it is today.

Americans like low priced imports, but think companies are evil for off-shoring jobs. Americans say choosing to work for a wage means that you are exploited. Americans believe free speech means that you must agree with everything that is said.

Americans say only Nazis and Communists should be allowed to get welfare. Americans say those who oppose taxes support slavery. Americans say being forced by the government to serve every customer means freedom.

Americans say the military should patrol US cities. Americans say everyone would be raped, stabbed, or shot by homosexuals if the US was a free country. Americans think people should be arrested for withdrawing money from their own bank accounts because they might do drugs.

Americans say beer taxes should be raised to stop people from drinking. Americans don't mind having their faces scanned for a facial recognition database. Americans think the US had freedom because it became rich first instead of getting rich because it had freedom. Americans say responsibility means obeying unconstitutional laws. Americans scream Communists are religious.

Americans believe aluminium prices are cheap because the world is flooded by WWII salvage. Americans say tyranny that happened last week is no longer relevant. Americans scream facts are lies. Americans say politics is not news. Americans believe living in a police state means freedom. Americans scream body armor must be outlawed to help boost the funeral home industry.

Americans say good is evil. Americans believe gold is more abundant than silver. Americans say illegal immigrants should get welfare. Americans say making a profit is theft. Americans say only white people are allowed to have freedom. Americans say private schools do not exist. Americans say saving shipwreck survivors should be illegal.

Americans say learning history and rebelling means that you will remain a delusional puppet of the police state. Americans say that they live in a free country if they can get away with breaking laws. Americans say being dependent on food stamps means freedom. Americans think tyranny is acceptable if you live in a republic. Americans say the government should decide what the truth is instead of the media. Americans scream that the US should be destroyed so black people will die.

Americans say police officers who don't arrest suspects should be executed. Americans say that computers should be outlawed because technology and high productivity leads to low wages and low prices. Americans believe the police state is necessary because dangerous machines and chemicals exist. Americans will say that the USA is collapsing because there is too much freedom.

Americans say people should be arrested for feeding the homeless. Americans say car owners should be jailed for warming their cars in their own driveways. Americans say the police should be allowed to shoot unarmed people in the back.

Americans say porn should be banned because naked pictures destroy society. Americans say the government should force them to buy things. Americans say the government should increase housing regulations to make rents unaffordable for black people.

Americans say the government should force car companies to install airbags that deploy with knives inside to kill drivers so that they will drive carefully. Americans say people should be jailed for filming public buildings. Americans say endless wars are fine because US bombs are just gathering dust.

Americans support government secrecy because the USA has enemies. Americans say taxes create more jobs than the free market can. Americans say government workers deserve high wages because they work hard. Americans say that the economy should be destroyed to save the environment. Americans say that regulations encourage people to start companies. Americans say tyranny that happens in one state would never spread to another state.

Americans say that everyone accused of crimes are guilty. Americans say people should be in prison to keep the unemployment rate down. Americans would rather increase punishments for victimless nanny state laws instead of repealing them.

Americans say that only those who support tyranny should be allowed to get welfare. Americans say the desires of neighbors are more important than the rights of property owners. Americans believe the government owns everything because the government is the people.

Americans say billboards should be banned to protect the scenery. Americans want protesting to be outlawed because protesters might break windows. Americans think forcing people to stand for the national anthem means freedom. Americans say people are helpless so they need the government to force them to do everything. Americans would think a president who wants to restore the Constitution is a dictator.

When asked about gun control, Americans say it's needed for safety. If asked about free speech, Americans respond that no one should be offended. Americans think Muslims don't have religious rights because Islam is not a religion. Americans say asset forfeiture is fine because the police have been doing it for years. Americans defend NSA wiretapping because it's just metadata. Americans believe being molested by the TSA is good since they have nothing to hide. Americans say torture is okay because other countries do it. Americans even say the Bill of Rights should be abolished because George Washington owned slaves!

The collapse of the USA is disgusting and shameful.

Those who still support the government are just tools for the elites.

The US deserves everything coming to it.