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Nazis scream that they need a wall to keep out wetbacks, but they don't realize the wall will be used to keep Americans IN.

Nazis say that illegal immigrants must give fingerprints and DNA samples to get driver licenses, but they don't understand that Americans will also be required to give fingerprints and DNA samples to get driver licenses.

Fascists insist that they love guns, but Nazis will happily surrender their guns if they are told blacks might use guns to kill white people.

Nazis swear that they love stop and frisk, NSA wiretapping, and TSA groping to stop towelheads, but Fascists don't realize that will also be stopped and frisked, molested by the TSA, and wiretapped by the NSA.

Fascists say protesting must be banned because Commies might protest, but Nazis don't realize that they also will lose the right to protest.

Do you think that you are exempt from police state?

What do you gain if you lose your freedom?