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wouldn't the lack of power-naps increase the number of accidents?

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Cops take power naps.

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donuts food coma :-)

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They don't care how many accidents there are:
1. "Justifies" budget increases.
2. Increased accident rate spurs calls for more laws and more enforcement
3. "Broken windows increase the GDP!!"

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Americans want to think that they live in a peaceful, free country with a balanced budget, but that belief is not true.

Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

You know that you live in a police state when everything is illegal and you have no rights.

You have no free speech rights, religious rights, gun rights, there is civil forfeiture, the government wiretaps your phone, records your web history, reads your email, takes away your right to silence, can torture you, and can extrajudicuallly assassinate you.

Your taxes fund illegal immigrants, debt, endless wars, curfews, checkpoints, no fly lists, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, FBAR, FATCA laws, TSA groping, secret FISA courts, and Jade Helm.

The elites are obviously going all the way to destroy the world. Just look at history and Mao, Hitler, and Stalin.

When Americans remain quiet about rising debt, Obamacare, food stamps, regulations, endless US wars, increasing taxes, illegal immigrants, nanny state laws, security cameras, license plate readers, checkpoints, redlight cameras, speed cameras, FBI facial and voice recognition, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, private prison quotas, no knock raids, take down notices, no fly lists, terror watch lists, Constitution free zones, stop and frisk, 3 strikes laws, kill switches, National Security Letters, kill lists, FBAR, FATCA, Operation Chokepoint, TSA groping, civil forfeiture, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, secret FISA courts, FEMA camps, laws requiring passports for domestic travel, IRS laws denying passports for tax debts, gun and ammo stockpiles, laws outlawing protesting, police militarization, chain gangs, boot camps, and Jade Helm what kind of message does that send to the elites?

Do you think the 1% is just going to turn around and restore freedom? Do you think our overlords are just going to stop increasing tyranny on their own?

Unless Americans start speaking out, resisting, protesting, getting out into the streets with pitchforks and torches, tar and feathering the elites, cops, soldiers, politicians, government workers, and media puppets, breaking windows, setting fires, and killing people, Americans will end up in the concentration camps.

There’s no hope. The US will be lucky to last another 30 years.

The best we can do now is to warn people to study history and prepare.

The USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state.

The line has been crossed. The Bill of Rights will never be restored. Even if the government said that they have ended NSA wiretapping, CIA torture, NDAA indefinite detention, and secret FISA courts, who would believe them?

The 1% appears intent on causing an economic collapse, a civil war, and WWIII.

Those fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.

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Truly an exquisite post, dcjogger. So eloquently composed and comprehensive. I have been trying to say all this to anyone who will listen but it's difficult to distill it down so clearly as you have.

It's such an overwhelming situation I understand why people don't want to wake up to it--but we must. We all must!

I wish everyone on the planet would read your post. Thank you for taking the time to create it.

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I'll show them, I will sleep in my driverless car while it burns that sweet, sweet petroleum. /s

Excellent post.

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Whatever happened to drivers ed instructions to "Pull over and rest if you get tired while driving"?

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The whole world is a prison now. We’re being wiretapped and watched 24/7.

The elites have turned everyone into criminals, liars, hypocrites, and cowards.

Americans say that they love freedom, but they eagerly submit when the government forces them to give DNA samples, give fingerprints, get microchip implants, and be registered in a facial scan database. Even if your wife tells you did that right thing by cooperating, you will still feel like a pussy for just being another weak dullard.

There is really no reason to work now that everything is illegal and the 1% will end up with everything through taxes, forfeiture, fines, inflation, tariffs, subsidies, and fees.

If we’re being treated like criminals, we might as well act like it. When doing good and doing bad both are illegal and the government and illegal aliens don’t obey the law, why obey the law at all?

The elites give the politicians campaign donations and cushy job promises to make decrees, the Gestapo enforces the laws, and the 99% obeys the laws. The only reason the system works now is because everyone still thinks it is legit. If no one obeyed, the whole rigged game would crumble.

One way to protest if you have any artistic skills is to record songs, write books, and paint pictures promoting freedom and encouraging resistance.

Now that the USA is a bankrupt warmongering police state, Americans must know how Germans felt like in 1932.

Every country has the government it deserves.

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Leave me alone!

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i think this was already the case, cops always harassed me for it

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In other words, being homeless is potentially illegal.

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Anyone who loves wars, debt, and tyranny is considered to be normal and anyone who supports peace, balanced budgets, and freedom is called a nutjob, spammer, troll, shill, bot, junkie, retard, or racist and is banned, gets an IRS audit, gets arrested, or is killed.

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Government workers think that they are holy gods, but how can anyone who kills, kidnaps, wiretaps, shuts down free speech, confiscates guns, tortures, lies to Congress, steals, runs child porn sites, and pollutes take the moral high ground on anything?

The government has killed the economy, so the only option some Americans think that they have right now is to work for the government.

The elites have turned every American into a traitor, coward, criminal, hypocrite, or liar.

Does the Gestapo think that they are not responsible when they arrest someone for feeding the homeless, plowing their own fields, or wearing baggy pants? Do government agents feel proud for being tools of the 1%?

Where does the funds for government worker salaries come from?

The US government is not even legitimate now. The USA is no longer a democracy and the government doesn't have the consent of the people. All laws and taxes should be ignored.

If you said that you were a king and had a badge, does that give you authority to tell people how to live? Do you know what is best for others?

The US is rapidly declining. Americans should storm Congress right now, but that doesn't seem likely until the Ponzi economy collapses and Civil War 2.0 starts.

In the meantime, maybe the most practical action Americans can take today is to withdraw from the system. Americans should resist by seceding from the government and going stateless.

Even though an earthquake that happens in Italy might be tragic, Americans aren't responsible for it. When the US government kills and tortures, however, that blood is on your hands.

Maybe you plan to go to college soon, retire, buy a car, or take a vacation in Miami, but the US collapsing right now.

Why are only Assange, Snowden, and Manning willing to sacrifice their lives for your freedom?

Don't you feel any responsibility at all?

Do you feel any shame?

How can a moral American sleep at night now or look in a mirror without feeling utter disgust?

Do you think that the debt, wars, and police state exist only because of the 1%?