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What's the motive for this elaborate theater?

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The motive is controlling and manipulating conciousness, even on the most subtle of levels. The point is, they want you to focus on the unreality of TV and corporate national theatrical news, and/or politics -- being that of the entertainment industry for the military-industrial-complex. Focusing on unreality, demands disengagment and distraction. Because of these theatrics they can interconnect "schema" and other perception management tactics to create a long history of theatrics; now considered reality by the majority, they then are able to continue the narrative of a history of falsity. Research perception management created and studied on extensively by the DoD and DARPA.

Largely, these news stories are filled with actors as of late. Many narratives incorporate hollywood actors; usually ones that have not made it big in Holloywood. Think of the flights on 9/11, many people in Hollywood were allegedly on these planes. Some missed them, others did not. What is interesting, just like this story that matches the unreality of a past TV show, so did the 9/11 hollywood flight narratives.

Frazier and other TV shows SHOWED you, admited to you that the main character that would later die on UA93, a hollywood actor was destined to die on flight 93. Even the airport scene on the TV show, the back panel for the flight numebrs ARE ALL THE FLIGHTS FOR 9/11.

PSYOP's on corporate government-prepackaged news, terror attacks -- real or not ALWAYS have the unreality of theatrics and hollywood mixed in, the question is why and who?

EDIT: UNReality. Not sure why I wrote Inreality.

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Or, and hear me out here, she got the idea from the role that she played. At the very least, it was probably in her subconscious. If everything is a conspiracy, nothing is.

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Not everything is a conspiracy. The world is a big place, the corporate national news accounts for a sliver of it, the majority broadcasted, being theatrics. You are the one claiming that everything is a conspiracy, not me; I'm merely alluding to the fact that most of the corporate media national news stories are fiction (PSYOPs) or mixed with some truth and unreality. To claim that everything has to be a conspiracy for nothing to be a conspiracy makes zero sense. The world is A LOT bigger and more complex than JUST the media. And remember, this is a media that produces large scale PSYOP's and is LEGALLY ALLOWED to do it under the passing of the Smith Mundt Modernization Act. WHY pass legislation for this, if you are not going to lie and make up things? It's mockingbird like.

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It's just that a lot of the things that you claim are conspiracies and/or psyops are easily explained away. I get that mundane conspiracies are the hardest to prove, but I fail to see what they accomplish. Distraction? We do that to ourselves without anyone else's help.

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I do believe these things are coincidences, but a possible motive could be to subliminally connect what's happening on the TV with real life. "Did that thing really happen 20 years ago or was it just a show?"

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There's also the case of Robin Williams' death (allegedly a suicide) being foreshadowed by a role he played. I think it comes down to psychology; everyone sees the world through our own prism. We are not the free-thinkers we think we are, and that we dont appreciate the extent to which our next thought will be limited to our immediate influences, and for actors, that includes the lines they've had to memorize. That's why it's good to subject ourselves to a variety of influences, it gives us a bigger bag of ideas to take from.