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The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state now.

Slavery seems to be the natural state of mankind.

If you went to a net cafe in China 20 years ago you might think everybody would be furiously making websites and posting on forums about how to resist, but instead you would have seen everyone playing video games.

Now that the US is a police state, patriots have found out that Americans are cowards, too.

No one wants to be the among the first ones to go out into the street with pitchforks and torches or break a window.

One of the other options Patriots have today to resist tyranny is to just dropout, go Galt, go off the grid, opt-out, do not participate, and do not comply.

The government is not legitimate. The US is no longer a democracy. The government and illegal aliens don't obey the law, why should Americans?

Why should you contribute to a system that wants you dead?

Don't pay taxes.

Do not give your fingerprints or DNA to the government.

Do not get microchipped.

Do not get a driver license, business license, fishing license, or passport.

Don't use your name.

Do not pay taxes.

Do not call the police.

If the government says baseball hats are illegal, wear a baseball hat.

If the government says guns are illegal, buy a gun.

No one rules if no one obeys.

Americans think they are free now, but what rights do they have?

Twenty years patriots warned that tyranny would come to the USA and now it has.

Do you think that the record global debt bomb, media cries for war, and the police state are just a coincidence?

Do you think that only having 3 websites on the entire Internet that allow free speech is a little odd?

Do think TSA groping doesn't happen and NSA wiretapping doesn't exist?

The US Ponzi economy might continue for 2, 5, or 10 years, but what will Americans do when Social Security checks bounce in 15 years?

What will the government do when the debt is $40 trillion and the interest is larger than than government revenue?

What will you do when your ATM card doesn't work?

What will you do when the stock market falls 75%?

What will you do when inflation is 1 million percent?

Some Americans say they will rebel when a black van pulls up to their house, the Gestapo breaks down the door, and sends them to the concentration camps, but then resistance will be too late.

Some Americans think the US will never collapse, but how many Germans in 1919 thought Germany would invade Poland in 20 years? How many Americans in 1846 would have thought the USA would have a Civil War in 15 years?

The US collapse is real and the time to prepare is now.

Are you just going to walk around and think everything is just fine?

Wake up.


Spread the word.

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Hear him. Hear him.

But that link is 404 for me.

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Life is either a fight to make a living or a fight to be free.

Americans want to live in a police state because niggers exist, but do you win if you live in a prison?

When did Americans decide to become Nazis and Commies instead of fighting Fascists and Commies?

Americans who love the police state spit on the graves of American soldiers who died fighting for freedom.

Americans become traitors when they embrace tyranny.

Are Americans proud to shit on the Bill of Rights?

Do Americans enjoy being slaves?

The collapse of the US just boggles the mind.

What country is this?

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Americans used to believe in free speech.

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What's that?

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why not defend him like a legit lawyer would, do investigation of sandy hook, don't have alex use the temporary insanity defense and make conspiracy theorists look dumb

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I'm sure Alex can afford a damn good lawyer. There must be a reason they don't investigate and took the route with the least resistance... hmmm... I wonder why? Oh, yes, because they knew that an investigation would be a gigantic waste of everyone's time and lead to even harsher punishment for Alex.

Does Occam's Razor not apply to this or something? They didn't do an investigation because there's nothing more to investigate.

I don't agree with the media censoring Alex Jones, but come on now. Sandy Hook happened, it was a fucking tragedy and those poor parents were harassed. One of them just committed suicide. Can conspiracy theorists just fucking let it go?

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waste of time . . . no. he does it for a living but then it's a waste of time when a lot of money is on the line that he is being sued for? weak exscuse. real answer is he is a limited hangout and this is a sham being done t make people believe it happened as MSM said. It didn't happen sorry. Blocked.

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So I make a singular claim against you and you immediately just spout "NO, I'M RIGHT!" without ANY proof besides speculation (which has absolutely zero validity because idk who you are).

You then decide to block me? For what? Not just taking your word as fact? Nice job convincing me of nothing. If anything you've shown me that the people who believe this conspiracy have zero ground to stand on and even the slightest opposition will cause them to crumble; the second you're challenged you run and hide.

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whew now i can block this shill, not sure why that button was gone for a sex

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well i can't block, looks like that option was taken off this site now, bad decision now I gotta see this shill reeee?

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You might want to leave your self-built echo chamber every now and then and converse with those who have differing perspectives than you, it seems like you really need it. If you can't even have the backbone to actually defend your viewpoint rather than hide when someone actually challenges you then I don't really want much to do with you either.