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Americans are slaves today. Americans have no rights and the government can do anything it wants. Your mail is tracked, there is TSA groping, the government has thermal vision cameras, license plate readers, redlight cameras, there are satellites, your phone calls are wiretapped, the government watches your browsing, and reads your email.

After the US Ponzi economy implodes and Civil War 2.0 and WWIII end, any remaining people would be wise to write a stronger, more specific Bill of Rights.

The next Bill of Rights shouldn't just have the right to bear arms, but also clearly state all gun types, sizes, parts, and colors are constitutional and that no permits, registration, certificates, licenses, fees, gun locks, background checks, photos, video, DNA, fingerprints, or taxes may be required for buying, possessing, selling, or owning a gun.

The next Bill of Rights shouldn't just have the right to have free speech and religion, but also state that no clothing, billboards, media, gestures, or hate speech may be outlawed.

The next Bill of Rights shouldn't just have the right of freedom from searches. The Bill of Rights should also say forfeitures, checkpoints, and wiretapping is unconstitutional.

The next Bill of Rights shouldn't just have the right of freedom from torture, but also the freedom from enhanced interrogation or any other torture no matter what it is called.

All victimless crimes should be constitutional rights and gambling, prostitution, drugs, and alcohol allowed.

The right to travel must not be infringed.

Secret courts and black budgets all must unconstitutional.

All income taxes must unconstitutional.

The new Bill of Rights must have term limits and $25 campaign donation limits

Electronic voting machines should be unconstitutional.

No DNA or fingerprints should be required.

All business licenses should be unconstitutional.

Private prisons should be unconstitutional.

There should be a debt limit based on gold and silver.

No private bank should control the government money supply.

The next government should rely on private associations like the BBB to regulate businesses.

The FBI, CIA, DEA, ATF, Amtrack, PBS, NPR, NEA, Department of Education, FCC, USDA, FDA, and FTC must be abolished.

Mandatory insurance, purchases, and vaccines must be unconstitutional.

Government welfare and subsides should be unconstitutional.

All laws can be ignored and have loopholes, but the new Bill of Rights would be a good guideline.

Communism is bad, but China learned from their history.

Opium is banned, the Boxer Rebellion lead to religion being outlawed, and inequality lead to land ownership being banned.

One of the problems with Socialism is that it leads to unintended consequences.

A small tax on the rich eventually leads to a big tax on everyone.

DUI checkpoints and .10% BAC limits eventually leads to lower BAC limits and seatbelt, drugs, and safety checkpoints.

Bans against smoking then lead to laws outlawing bags, sodas, and straws.

Regulations kill the economy.

When the economy has been crippled, homelessness increases, and then homelessness is outlawed.

Welfare programs are then increased which lead to high taxes and lazier citizens.

Industries are then nationalized.

When the entire economy collapses, the news is censored, and concentration camps are then opened.

When only murder and theft are illegal, obeying the law is easy, but laws become meaningless when everything is illegal.