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The article didn't mention the effects of SSRIs that cut some people's sex drive to zero. And a lot of Americans are using SSRIs.

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Woah! My sex drive has always been pretty low and apparently the antidepressant I have been taking is an SSRI! Interesting…

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It can affect men also but I have direct experience of a woman who had a strong libido until she started SSRIs and her sex drive went to zero. I think it is part of the depopulation movement.

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Communists know that they cannot compete with Capitalism through economic arguments so Communists try to succeed by destroying social morals.

Communists praise, reward, and normalize immorality through books, TV shows, and movies. Communists glorify homosexuals, sex, females, abortion, and minorities.

Communists vilify and ridicule moral and successful white men.

Communists find former moral people, racists, and Libertarians to insult morality, racism, and freedom.

Communists want to weaken the population with affirmative action, lower standards for minorities, divorce laws, welfare, overcriminalization, taxes, regulations, and by outlawing businesses.

Communists have corrupted the Catholic church, ACLU, NFL, Boy Scouts, Nobel Peace Prize, and beauty pageants.

Communism minimize the downsides of issues they support and emphasize the benefits. Communists revise history and lie to bolster their viewpoints.

Anyone who tells about the dangers of socialism will be called racists and nutjobs and are banned, censored, given IRS audits, are arrested, or killed.

Most people support the police state until they become a victim of it.

The elites control Hollywood, Wall Street, the media, and the government.

The ruling powers want Americans to be immoral, weak, dependent, and divided.

The 1% supports depopulation, abortion, war, debt, tyranny, vaccines, global warming, gun control, censorship, feminism, welfare, immorality, homosexuality, regulations, offshoring, illegal immigrants, divorce, forfeiture, torture, the police state, nanny state laws, and a global government.

Anyone who supports these issues is just a tool for the elites.

Everything the elites want is bad for you.

Conservatives used to support the rich because conservatives thought that they would get rich one day, too.

Liberals used to hate the rich.

The 1% then rigged the game by embracing socialism, feminism, homosexuals, illegal immigrants, tyranny, and debt so now liberals love the elites and the conservatives have conspired with the progressives to form a Uniparty that supports illegal immigrants, welfare, war, the police state, and debt.

No wonder the US is collapsing.

The 1% praise immorality and homosexuality and ridicule morals.

The ruling powers want Americans to be weak and dependent on welfare.

The elites want liberals divided against conservatives.

The elites want homosexuals divided against straight people.

The elites want citizens divided against the police.

The elites want men divided against women.

The elites want Americans divided against illegal immigrants.

The elites want blacks divided against whites.

The ruling powers support wars that enrich bankers and defense companies. The elites support wars that kills off the 99% and leads to refugees and terrorism that results in more wars.

The ruling powers support the nanny police state that helps the rich fill their private prison quotas.

The 1% want Americans in prison and dead.

The elites want Americans disarmed so that they won't resist when the American Ponzi economy collapses and the ruling class opens up the concentration camps.

The elites support censorship because they don't want Americans to be aware of and organize against the ruling powers.

The elites push feminism because they want the 99% to die off. No fault divorce laws, domestic violence laws, child support laws, and alimony laws discourage men from getting married. Girls would rather marry the state than marry a man. Why would men get married when marriage is so risky and men could lose half of their property in a divorce? Why would men get married if girls are willing to have sex before marriage?

The ruling powers support regulations so that only the rich can afford to start a business.

The enemies of the US are not foreign countries now. The enemies are the elites that want to wipe out the white people and send the rest of the 99% to the gulags to be starved and killed. The 1% then will divide the wealth and land of the USA among themselves. How else can you explain the destruction of the USA? Economics isn't rocket science. If you want a strong economy, don't punish hard work with taxes and regulations while rewarding laziness with welfare and allowing millions of 3rd world immigrants to flood the country.

Wake up.


Pass the word.