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Yeah, it's kind of funny when I listen to people who have pensions talking about how they need to work another 5 years in order to get...blah, blah, blah. And they're sitting on houses that they own outright. And they've got 401k plans, and other investments. They've got it made and really don't realize it.

Its also funny listening to corporate media mouthpieces yapping on and on about how you have to put away such and such an amount of money if you're whatever age in order to have enough money to retire.

And most (not just half, who are we kidding), have less than nothing to retire on. Death is my retirement plan.

And most of us don't have "extra" money to put aside. Recently, when reviewing my budget, I was considering not having a phone at all. At this point, I'm just struggling to keep it together week to week. And I probably don't even realize how good I have it compared to plenty of other people.