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This is another example of why people don't open their arms wide to illegal immigrants. Times are hard. People are struggling. Our governments (both state and local) tax us more and more as we get less and less in exchange. This N.J. tuition giveaway is a drop in the bucket compared to the tax dollars spent on our non-stop wars. It's nothing compared to the tax breaks given to multi-national corporations that move jobs out of the U.S. But this N.J. tax giveaway is so stark, it is such a slap in the face to average citizens, that I really have to wonder why it happens?

Maybe its a relatively "cheap" distraction. We get righteously (and rightfully) indignant about it. And while we think about this, we don't think about the non-stop wars and the subsidized multinational corporations, or any of the other ways that these monsters (on both the right and the left) steal from us every day.