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The criminalization of poverty.

We continue the descent into depravity.

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Came here to say exactly this, but with the added disgust at the deliberate creation of poverty before then criminalizing it. Depraved, indeed. Depraved and abusive.

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not sure about virginia but I was living in NJ and had driven to a concert a few hours away then was driving home and decided to pull over at a gas station and sleep in my car, was awoken to a cop knocking on my window and telling me I had to leave, so I was surprised to find out it was illegal there

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If they had shelters that were decent, like even just a closet to sleep in overnight and a place to park a car, authoritarians could be paid to keep the peace without forcing people to give up their mobility. The insanity of cuckservatism; conserve nothing and continue to appear as evil as possible doing it.

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A society that has more justice, is a society that needs less charity. -Ralph Nader

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Why not just put every American in prison when they're born?