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A nation is composed of a people (those that created/built that country and their descendants) who enacted laws to, as citizens, govern themselves. Often, citizens have shed blood or even died for their country. A country belongs, in a collective way, to its citizens. It may not to be given away to foreigners.

It's 'a well known secret' that mass immigration has always been pushed by international interests to harm nations and their people, using their good nature to get them to unwittingly destroy themselves.

The goal is to undermine national interests in order to benefit their own plutocratic interests. Cheap workers and the complete dismantlement of all national labour protections is why they push for mass migration. It is not, as useful-idiots seem to think, because transnational corporations care about people!

Unfortunately, transnational corporations own the Media, PR firms, etc., and so, that's why we're where we are.