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The vaccines play a relevant role in the genocide plan being carried out by the Intelligence agencies involving Monsanto, Dupont and the Big Pharma groups as well:

Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test explaining how useless the results can be for viral examination.

Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda. The documentary about the sterilization agenda of the WHO in Africa.

The Pfizer COVID-Vaccine trials were a complete sham. Pfizer's 6 month data shows that the vaccines cause more illness than what they prevent.

FDA Risk-Benefit Analysis Hides 'Bad Data' on Moderna Shots for Kids. (June, 2022)

The CDC's Swine Flu Fraud of 1976.

The CDC's Swine Flu fraud of 2009.

Riley Schubert won a $138,000 settlement as compensation due to an injury that he claims was caused by an HPV vaccine that caused him hearing issues. (US Courts 2016)

Purdue Pharma, Sacklers to pay $6 billion to settle opioid lawsuit. (NY Post, March, 2022)

State opioid settlement money now being distributed. (CBS News, October, 2022)

Glyphosate weedkiller damages wild bee colonies, study reveals. (The Guardian, June, 2022)

The 9th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals smacks EPA down on glyphosate.

Corporate studies asserting herbicide safety show many flaws. (The Guardian, 2021)

All the most relevant figures involved in the current mess can be related to the CIA/Intelligence agencies and the Jesuits:

Compilation of arguments about the Jesuit control over the CIA.

Big Pharma, Monsanto, Dupont and Vaccine Injury Super Compilations (120 Records each) and Jesuit role in the genocide plan.

Make sure to visit s/Jesuits for more info about the order and s/NationalistRevolution if you want to resist the Vatican.

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The vaccines play a relevant role in the genocide plan being carried out by the Intelligence agencies involving Monsanto, Dupont and the Big Pharma groups as well:

It's the pan going to start soon? So far, this year alone, population has increased by about 30.2 million

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The genocide through sterilization is going their way:

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You think Canada is just as dumb and violent as the US?

The US has more than twice the homicide rate.

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I think you missed the point of the infographic.

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I think you're misinterpreting it.

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Not at all. The map clearly depicts the region with the highest rate of reproduction, being Africa. This paired with the commentary that Africa has the lowest IQ, which is not disputed. Your detour to compare US with Canada is irrelevant.

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Not at all. The map clearly depicts the region with the highest rate of reproduction, being Africa.

Yes. That is highly related to the education level of women. And parts of Africa still suffer from poor education, and where a family has to choose which children to educate, often an educated son is considered more valuable.

This paired with the commentary that Africa has the lowest IQ, which is not disputed.

The relationship to education is well know. The commentary says "The dumbest and most violent people are breeding the most." This appears false, since the US certainly has more violent people than the rest of the first world, but don't seem to be better at breeding.

Your detour to compare US with Canada is irrelevant.

The relevance is the difference in violence.

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Thank you for your service to delivering the truth! 🙏🏻

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There are studies of much larger populations that show decreases in excess mortality with vaccination.

My first thought is that this is confounded by covid infection, which is related to an increase in cardiopulmonary arrest in the following years.

We'll see what this paper looks like after peer review. I notice there is one comment for the paper on

(And I quote here:)

There are some significant issues with this preprint.

1) Estimating the 2023 cardiopulmonary arrest rate is problematic because the excess deaths in the United States have declined in 2023. Given there are only 3 points used in the regression analysis, if the estimation is incorrect, it completely invalidates the analysis.

2) They do not account for COVID-19 deaths. In 2021, the Kings County data shows that 1020 out of 1276 excess deaths (80%) were related to COVID-19 infection. This is a significant confounder to consider in such an analysis.

3) Such an analysis cannot demonstrate causation, and causal language is used in this analysis.

4) There are extensive large population studies demonstrating no increase in cardiac arrests with COVID-19 vaccination that they do not cite. They should also address this literature if they present findings countering this body of evidence especially given their methods are based on correlation and do not directly assess the vaccination status of those that experienced cardiopulmonary arrest making this study much weaker than the other studies.

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Yea, but no.

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Besides deaths tho everyone is about 5% more tired and stupider, most don't notice. But it's enough to prevent revolution, or just make the populace more controllable. That was the goal. Elites don't want everyone to die, then they wouldn't have slaves.

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Tired slaves only cost money, because they do not work at all. I agree people are more tired and stupider. I also think it's overestimating the ability to predict such effects on the scale of billions of people.

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Those who are too lazy to work perpeuate the government plot to fill the country with islamic migrants under the guise of 'growing the economy '.

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This is false.

The source is just an idiot on Twitter.

Read for yourself that excess deaths DURING the pandemic in King County were due to COVID (not the vaccine):

Deaths thereafter were due to old age and perhaps complications from prior COVID cases. There is no excess death connection with the vaccine.

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It's a study, i thought like studies. Or do you only like studies done by those who profit from them results?

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it's false

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Your level of denial is worthy of needing psychiatric help. Go to the doctor.

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because it's false?

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People like you lead innocent people to their graves through denial and ignorance, blindly following the government and corporate propaganda to the end.

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He's an obvious shill. His comments are purely scripted.

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Though I'm not the one defending false information?

How much are the Tories or Reform UK paying you?

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Tories and Labour pushed the same bullshit propaganda and sold off constracts for PPE to their mates, why would they pay anyone to counter their nonsense? Reform aren't even relevant to covid, its old news. You sound desperate to label me right wing, why would that be?

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Tories gave £ millions in contracts to friends that were not properly fullfilled. Not Labour. At least notice the way in which Tories have failed the UK in every way possible. Supporters of Labour merely want them not to cock up the election. That's all. Just asking them not to fuck up.

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Tories and Labour are two branches of the same tree, they are one and.the same, they don't differ in politics. It's time they both failed.

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Confirmed deaths 1,088 906 828 2,822

I notice the deaths rise despite the vaccine. The shot is crap.

Covid damages the heart, as unfortunately I have personally witnessed, so I half agree with you that this can't all be heaped on the vaccines.

But the mechanism of damage is from the spike protein, so in my view both the vaccine and covid are problematic.

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Covid damages the heart

This is repeated a lot on Saidit, but we've not seen sufficient evidence of this in the medical research, which is ongoing. I would agree that this should be studied, but would not agree that it's necessarily a result of COVID or the vaccine. Yes, there are a few dozen cases where there were problems with the heart, but we don't know about pre-existing conditions, and this few dozen this is a sampling from 6 billion people who've had the vaccine. We obviously need better information. One could argue perhaps that the medical science community is not working hard enough to examine this problem, because the information about it is still rare. There are side-effects and pre-existing problems in all medical cases, for all diseases and treatments. We don't know exactly what has caused problems with the heart in many of those few dozen claims about the vaccine, but I'd agree that we should get better information from the medical science community.

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This is repeated a lot on Saidit

For a reason.

My father's cardiologists believe his heart arrhythmia was caused by Covid. It doesn't seem that rare, I've seen other accounts of it happening on Twitter.

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The manufacturers admit it causes issues, primarily in males. It's very likely to occur at a higher rate than they afe willing to admit.

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it's rare

we need more information

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If something is rare because it happens to 1% of the population, but you administered it to the entire population, it becomes very not fucking rare for that 1%. If you are the 1% then you deserve answers as to why the fuck it was pushed on people without testing, when they knew some of the risks and didn't tell anyone.

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Before 2020 it was widely accepted that the flu vaccine was shit, and generally anyone who had the flu vaccine just got sick. I sat back and watched the same suckers take the flu vaccine every year and they always get sick while i never did. The UK government had even rolled back on the advice to give flu vaccines to the elderly due to it being more likely to affect their lower immune system than help it. Come "covid" and you see the same trend every 6 months. Every time the booster shots were given out a "new varient" appeared around the same time to justify it being needed. It was obviously the shots causing the "variants", because there never was a virus.

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Good. I hope this is true, and these fucking liberals who pushed this bullshit on everyone has a mask on at their open casket funeral.

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