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Killing chickens reduces our supply of real eggs and meat. When the food runs out, maybe they will let you eat bugs instead, if you are a good slave and take their mark in your right hand or forehead.

This is like the Milgram Experiment, except real harm is being done. How far are you willing to descend into death and killing.... because the authority tells you so?

Remember, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus came that you might have life.

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Uh huh sure

Here we go again

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Retard robots.

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Be honest would you eat the infected chickens

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The article did not say the chickens were infected, but that the "birds started testing positive". If this virus is anything like COVID, then it is highly likely the tests produce false positives. There are many testimonies online where people say their COVID test produced a "false positive" and they were asymptomatic. So, we should not assume that there is anything wrong with the bird just because it tested positive. Would I want to eat a sick chicken? No, I would not. But the articles I read do not say the birds are sick.

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Oof bad take