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They consulted almost 90 000 people with 85% saying no, 12% with a maybe and 3% didn't know.

Also, Responding to the question “Are there any circumstances where you think you would prefer using a digital Canadian dollar instead of your current payment methods?” respondents answered “No” at a rate of 92 percent.

Last, 79% said there should be legislation forcing business to accept cash. (I'm assuming brink and mortar stores only)

The feedback is clear will the Canadian government listen? I wouldn't bet my real dollar on it.

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The feedback is clear will the Canadian government listen?

The Canadian government will listen, then do the opposite.

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Finally some good news from the Canadian people.

They were fooled once, and appear to see something is seriously wrong with the State as it is.

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I doubt people will get a say. One day they're depositing their money into the banks and it's going to be stored as a digital currency and every hand that the money touches is going to be recorded and tracked on a block chain. From the customers POV nothing will change.

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Serious question: Why do they keep electing Trudeau?

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He seemed okay until the pandemic happened. Then he implemented legislation designed to quell terrorism and armed revolution against a bunch of noisy (but peaceful) truck drivers and turned into a fucking dictator.

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When he was first running for election I asked my mother-in-law "Who are you voting for?" She answered "Trudeau!" When I asked why her answer was "Because he is SO HANDSOME!"

Sadly, it's people like this that put him in power. I'm not dunking on my mother-in-law, it's simply a reflection of how she and people like her think when it comes to electing people.

Anyway, he is done now. It's just a matter of time. Even the most favorable of polls show him losing by a landslide. Unless the current opposition leaders makes a huge blunder he is a shoe in for the next Prime Minister.

We are in what is called a minority government. It means the government doesn't have 50% of the seats in our house of commons. If they (Trudeaus liberals) put forth legislation and all the different parties gang up and vote against it they will out vote the government and it will force an election right away. The issue is Trudeau is in an alliance with a party called NDP and together they have enough votes to surpass the 50% threshold. Either that alliance fails and we get an early election (This has happened in the past) or we have to wait him out for the next two years...

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Thanks for giving me a window into Canadian politics!

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Yeah wait until the banks tell them they will lose their 401k's, IRA's, mortgages and other assets/investments if they refuse to comply. That 85% will shrink to almost nothing in record time.

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I agree they will do everything they can sway people. They will make it next to impossible to live without it. Just let it be said no one wanted this.