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I read a lot of comments joking about Trump playing 3+ Dimensional chess during his campaign, the punchline being he is just an idiot and succeeding by accident. But this, and some other recent news, really does remind me of a chess. We are being set up. While we are looking to counter an attack by some pawns and a rook, the knight and the bishop are sneaking into position.

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Great analogy, that damn bishop comes out of nowhere it seems and gets me every time. I still can't figure out if he has an agenda against the powers that be, if he's part of it, or if his narcissism dictates his decisions. Good chess indeed.

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This vote will allow Sinclair broadcasting, a right leaning media company, to purchase and control local news outlets across a broader market. At the moment, they are trying to push ahead on a merger which will allow them to control 72% of local media outlets across the country. With FCC approval, of course, but this vote enables them to move forward. A close friend brought this to my attention, and I had to dig a bit to find anything on it. I feel this is bad for everyone, it seems local media is much more neutral in their reporting than mainstream.