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Other Republicans: psst, these particular ones are white Evangelicals


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I already posted Reddit's take.

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Oh, was that "Reddit's take"? I have the site blocked so I couldn't read your link.

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It's kind of the easy take. I'd agree cases like this are a pretty good way to find ideological hypocrites when it comes to immigration.

I'm generally in favor of pretty lax immigration laws and don't see much reason to deny applicants from developed countries such as Germany from moving to another developed country if they wish and proper reprocipical agreements are made.

In this case though it looks like they didn't have a legal basis to move to the US in the first place and are simply taking advantage of the lax immigration enforcement to stay when they really should never have been allowed in in the first place according to the current law.

Homeschooling itself is a different issues that has its own slew of potential problems stemming from the US almost total lack of regulation and oversight. I'd argue the German way of almost totally banning it is too strict, (it is a Nazi era law after all) but they're decisions not to simply allow homeschooling for religious reasons is correct I believe. It you allow religious exemptions for all reasons then you allow for people to simple keep their daughters home and not teach them anything because they don't believe women should get an education, and you allow for whatever kind of anti-social cult you can think of to completely separate from society and brainwash the kids only in cult ideology and not give them the educational tools they need for supporting themselves in the future.

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Yeah, we're not a mile apart. For me it's just three simple principles:

  1. Partisans are hypocrites

  2. People should be allowed to live wherever they want

  3. People should be allowed to educate (or not educate) their kids however they want

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Point one I agree. Partisan thought patterns puts party above why sort of coherent beliefs and leads to hypocritical viewpoints.

  1. Is a bit more complicated. In general I think people should be allowed to live where they choose to live, and in general it behooves any country to let most people who want to live there and be productive citizens in. But there's so many asterisks and exceptions that need to be made that in practice it can become quite complicated. You don't want to let in other countries criminal elements for example, otherwise some other country will just figure out exiling their criminals to your country is cheaper than maintaining prisons.

For number three I disagree. I believe a large amount of freedom needs to be allowed for educational choice, I don't think there is a one size fits all system, but I don't think you can maintain a society where people are free to choose not to educate their kids, in any democratic society certain civic duties, like voting, require at the very least a literate population so at the very least basic literacy, mathematics and critical thinking skills are necessary. Otherwise I don't think societies can function.

While on paper most everywhere in the US requires homeschoolers to teach basic standards like this, in practice in many places there is absolutely zero oversight of the sort that can lead to children essentially growing up illiterate. While public education has similar problems it is also endemic of the Americans public education systems multiple weaknesses and failure to succeed at international levels.

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Double standards at its best. Never would they dare say the same shit about illegal immigrants.

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Hell yes deport them, America needs millions more Biden Latinos . (Sarcasum)