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Wouldn't it be interesting if some people were to dig into some of the CNN and MSNBC finances?

My experience in this life is that whenever someone is throwing dirt at someone else, they are probably very familiar with that flavor of dirt and probably have some of it in their own world.

For example, when they accuse Mr brand of raping a 16 year old girl... My bet is that they have all kinds of convicted sex offenders all over those news agencies as employees.

Who knows about sex offenses better than a sex offender?

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I suspect that senior leadership at the MSM has a lot of skeletons in the closest, so to speak.

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The weird thing is is that it's not that difficult to background check someone if you just know their first and last name and their approximate age.

It's easy to look up sex offenders they have national databases that this can be looked up at.

Wouldn't it be hilarious if somebody took the time to research some of these people at CNN and MSNBC and found out that there really was a nest of petos in that company?

Basic instructions to skip Trace someone if you see them in their car just get the license plate number that's a good place to start then you got their home address because you looked up the registration of the vehicle and now you know everybody else that's got a driver's license at that address and you just go down the rabbit hole until you get an arm load of rabbits.

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Yellow Sheet Jounalism has been around for a long time. Especially in the UK.

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He's revealing too much truth for the NWO. It's a personal assassination. The nail that stands out the most is the first to be struck.

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MSM has been showing their unshaven trans-balls for years. Trump was the true start of their downfall because he really exposed them but they had always been shit and getting shittier each day. I think these types of attacks, especially ones with nothing but hearsay and occurred years in the past, actually make the person more well know. Andrew Tate anyone?

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The normies take rape and creepy rapists quite seriously.

I know OP and the chanology dipshits in here don't think rape is a big deal. But the normies take it quite seriously. That's why you'll see them list the ways a rapist might face financial consequences.

It's also the case that a lot of companies don't want to publicly be associated with a creepy rapist. So a lot of the demonetization could be due to the companies not wanting to be associated with a rapist, rather than leftist cancel culture

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Right. I wish I could leave YouTube.

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And you can't, because??

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    The article is cheering wage theft based on nothing but the unproven allegations of a couple of coordinated corporate media hit jobs.

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      LOL. Except that this is youtube's entire business model.

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        "Corporate media has dug up some anonymous sources who accuse him of committing serious crime. Thus, our only ethical recourse is to steal his money!"

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          LOL. You love oligopolies to the point that you love to cheer for their fascist censorship.

          Have you ever seen an act of corpo-fascist censorship that you did not applaud?

          But, I'm brainwashed?

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            social media or sites like youtube don't have to allow people free speech. They're private companies.

            But we should change the laws so that they do have to allow free speech.

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            What "disinformation peddling"?

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              What does this have to do with Brand? What disinformation does he peddle?

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                admit he was right

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                Just leave and you will be left alone. Do yourself and everyone here a favor.

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                The US government (both FDA and CDC) just approved and recommended for everyone over 6 months totally untested monovalent Pfizer and Moderna mRNA boosters designed to based on omicron variant XBB.1.5, which is now the just the 10th most dominant circulating strain, accounting for less that 4% of all current cases and falling.

                There is zero randomly controlled trial (or any other clinical data) that suggests that this injection will do anything to prevent the transmission, contraction, or severity of any variant. And there were zero clinical safety tests required by any federal agency for this formulation's approval. Just as there were no safety or efficacy tests required for the approval and recommendation of the now totally abandoned bivalent booster shots.

                Evidence has also been pouring in that:

                1) the mRNA spike protein creation instructions effectively have no off switch. The exact spike the original vaccines code for was found circulating in the blood of vaccinated individuals up to 6 months after injection.

                Half of Vaccinated People Never Stop Producing Spike Protein, Study Found

                2) the bivalent booster efficacy quickly goes negative even for COVID hospitalization!

                CDC Admits Bivalent Boosters Worse Than Useless

                3) the more jabs people get, the more COVID they get

                Covid jabs are making things worse: more jabs = more illness

                So who here is getting one of these great new completely untested monovalent boosters? Who is here is in favor of forcing little kids and healthy young adults to get one?

                And who here can explain to me why the FDA and CDC keep doubling down on their "keep continually recommending completely untested injections" strategy even after they managed to convince only the 20% most gullible US adults to get the bivalent booster shot?

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                I think this will lead to more of a chilling effect for people on youtube questioning the vax

                main reason for this