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Oh lookie here, some cross marketing for the BAKER ACT... They met in a psych ward, fictional story for the mindless.

Ex-girlfriend says #ZephenXaver: -

-Often talked about hurting people.

Counterpart: No evidence for this claim, but it is important to push this narrative to enfore stricter laws on who can and can not obtain a firearm via posts on social media and words you may or may not have said.

-Showed her a picture of a handgun, which she thought nothing of.

Coutnerpart: Brandishing a pistol is now an offense. Anyone taking pictures with firearms and posting on social media is now on radar for confiscation.

-Hated everyone and wanted everyone to die.

Coutnerpart: No evidence for this claim, broadcasting before due process and a conviction is illegal unless story is fictional. If you have negative views or views that are not mainstream this leads to an offense. A red flag law on behavior and negative thoughts now puts you on a ban list for firearms. Passing a law on one extreme can then be enacted later on neutrality. Mental illness is the goal. 1 and 2 people are diagnosed with a mental illness sometime in their lifetiems. 1 and 2 persons should then not own firearms. You have some anxiety. No gun for you!!

-Got kicked out of school for having homicidal dreams. And no one listened to her warnings. Um.

Coutnerpart: RETARDED fictional story. But serves the red flag laws and BAKER ACT.

Also, this is agaisnt the law to broadcast information during a kangaroo court, fake investigation that shines a bad light on the suspect. THis could ONLY happen if the entire story is fake/ a drill.

In other words, and per usual, the background narrative is entirely incoherent.

If you know anyone involved in this mass shooting, we’ve established an impromptu gathering place at this luxury hotel.

We’re told the shooter’s name is Zephen Xaver.

Zephen Xaver? What the fuck is that?

Oh, and he called 911 on himself.

BOTH sides of the political spectrum WANT a police state to control you. "Terror" is the lever. More fear & "terror" = more demand for more govt "protection". Who controls your info on "terror"? govt. Who benefits from "more terror"? Govt. NOW-- who do you think is behind it? Fear is the flame that melts critical thinking.

If we were to peel off the layer of deceit, the complexion of our world becomes radically different.

I think even most “truthers” don’t fully comprehend this.

They will keep planning these psyops until the people willingly accept a restriction on their 2nd and 1st amendment rights via dissident (mental hygiene laws) laws.

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It's all a show folks. Drills passed off as real. They are manipulating people's environment to control their views.

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They make up stupid names with aliases for example the FAKE Maryland shooting.

Victims in Maryland warehouse shooting identified

45, Sunday Aguda : What kind of name is that!

41, Brindra Giri : Brindra? Yeah no.

41, Hayleen Reyes : Can't seem to find in SSID.

19, Hassan Mitchell : Yeah, no.

45, Wilfredo Villegas : Nope

45, Acharya Purina : So, dumb.

Investigators have found evidence that the woman who killed three people and wounded others before #killing herself at a Maryland drugstore warehouse

Suspect, 26-year-old Snochia Moseley.