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People have been saying all the crazy stuff going on is to maybe distract people from the 2000 page epstein document release, but in reality, maybe that document release itself (which apparently contains largely information that was already publicly available) is a distraction from this pipeline sabotage stuff that has come to light lately.

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A distraction from a distraction created to make people not suspect the original distraction as a distraction.

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Maybe that's what they want you to think.

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All of those things and layers of distraction and manipulation keep people engaged but still a part of the system, all the while elites retire, divorce (to access assets) and "die" to prepare or shelter in advance of some major cataclysmic event.

I think that the balloons are having issues staying in the atmosphere. They don't want to tell us that and so instead feed us some other bs and then make a spectacle of it.

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    I use bold because I'm visually handicapped don't be a f******* and be racist against the handicapped

    You don't sound handicapped to me.

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    You're a total fuckwad, but you've hit the nail on the head here.

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    Is being a fuckwad a good thing, because if so I want to say thank you for your kind words.

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    Are you familiar with penetration testing (as it relates to military tactics)?

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    China doesn't need to penetration test anything. They pretty much own Walmart and every other Big box store. They own mega mansions from coast to coast. They own half of Beverly hills. They're sitting in the white house right now jerking off Joe Biden.

    China flies airplanes in and out of here all the time.

    They have a military that is second to none, and you think that they need to send some cheese crap looking balloon floating across our sky?

    Video: china army hell march

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    You don't have to read it if you typed it.

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    China doesn't need balloons, they have tiktok. Either shit is really going down, or their is a massive cover up happening. I have been out of the loop for a while, but now with this Ohio train crash, something definitely seems off and is noticeable.

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    Or it could all be unrelated and wild things happen IRL all the time

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    An over-engineered distraction from a distraction that might blow up again at any moment so the two and the possible alien invasion can be played off each other for weeks without revealing anything at all. Oh, my, what's a mother to do?

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    Snowden is a Russian mouthpiece now whether you want to admit it or not. That said I think it's a cover up for the Ohio fiasco and gave the media a reason to not cover it.

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    Snowden was a Russian asset, whether or not he thought he was doing the right thing. It appears that China also benefitted from the stolen files.

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    Biden is guilty of treason. He used his position to attack the infrastructure of another country in violation of US laws and treaties.

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    The trouble with this take is that the panic came from ordinary people.

    The Biden administration wanted to ignore the 1st balloon and do nothing. They only acted because the public attention wasn't dying down like they'd hoped.

    Funny how people can forget what happened even a couple of weeks ago.

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    I said they were not spy balloons.

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    Snowden is a CIA disinformation mouthpiece and the textbook limited hangout {Wiki is gov propaganda} who allowed telling the public about the mass illegal spying the government is doing on the public, purposely making sure nothing was done to stop it in and that it could even be expanded with impunity, thanks to Snowden's performance to develop public consent.

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    No way dude. By all accounts this dude was legit. It's pretty easy, especially after some time, to find the ties of families and individuals to the letter agencies. He's clean.

    People didn't need capitulate to this with Snowdens help, they will capitulate to anything. See Covid.

    People weren't complaining en masse about govt surveillance. They just weren't, they were jabbering into their phones clueless as always and calling you and I idiots.

    Maybe I just want to believe there is one person that isn't putting on a play. Maybe it's me?

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    Snowden single-handedly prevented the spying from being stopped. He did so by the common limited hangout trick of slowly dripping out information to prevent action. He told news interviewers flat-out that he was purposely slowly leaking information for maximum impact, but many of us already familiar with the technique, knew this always has the opposite affect. We can see in the after math that Snowden's slow-leak ensured absolutely zero was done about the spying; it only increased afterwards. The non-results of Snowden speak for themselves.

    Snowden cemented government spying on Americans, preventing it from being stopped, with a lame and worn out trick that continues to work.

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    Further, why is it that Snowden gets on corporate media so often rather than getting the Dynamic Silence treatment other truth-seekers get?

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    Slow leak? I read 1100 pages of goods almost immediately.

    The slow leak was the media, Greenwalds grandstanding, and the like.

    What I saw was the national conversation being flipped day one whether Snowden was a hero or a villain, and almost nothing about the content he released.

    I'm familiar with what you're saying and the tactics used, in fact I've commented on it several times here, but just didn't see that happening here.

    I'll rethink it.

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    The Intercept, owned by a billionaire, has only ever released <10% of the Snowden documents.

    Fuck the billionaire, Greenwald, and Snowden for being limited hangouts.

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    If you CAN see the propaganda or psyops then you are NOT their target.

    If you can NOT see the propaganda or psyops (obvious to us) then YOU ARE THE TARGET.

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    That's for sure brother.

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    Everything is a distraction from everything else.

    This is one component of the takeover: Bombard people with so much bullshit after bullshit that they erode from all the strain and turn into husks.

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    Snowden still dropping truth bombs.

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    Captain Obvious Snowden is a limited hangout, always after the fact, capitalizing on the fucking obvious for street cred among the gullible.

    Why won't the corporate media cover the toxic train wreck in Palestine, Ohio and the subsequent plume of chemicals that blew over Detroit and Southern Ontario?

    Why won't /u/magnora7 address this:

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