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I know developers who hired arsonist to just torch any pesky listed buildings if they wanted to build a big building project and make great bucks.

We made lots of money of these scams lol. And wagecucks still think working makes you rich.

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Those that perform honest work can have a good conscience, while those that defraud their fellow man will have to answer to God for it.

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Well, the game my name refers for is loaded with blasphemy, occultism and other fun stuff.

In the game there is a rumor that in game band Phantasm is a demonic band and its frontwoman FES is a witch. Which actually turns out to be true.

She claims to be a prophet and predicts the serial killings with her band's songs like "Contract of our Blood to seal our sins" which predicted that serial killers would mock crucify their victim with cross-shaped stakes very soon. And it indeed happened in 29.9.2009 (notice the numerology)

Here it is, enjoy:

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Lol we did this last 2 years. You can't do the same conspiracy theory again, or else people might start to wonder why you were so wrong last time

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The food supply continues to be under attack and it looks like those responsible are getting away with it. It will continue to get worse, because people have rejected God and no longer enjoy his protection from the conspiracies of the rich and wealthy.

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Walk into any store dipshit

Also, how the fuck are your imaginary Illuminati so ineffective that they havent put even a tiny dent in the domesticn food supply, in the years since they started "attacking" it. You fucking moron

I mean - even applying a small amount of effort, if I only worked weekends! I could have probably put a bigger dent in the food supply in two years if I really wanted to burn down meatpacking building or whatever.

Why are your imaginary Illuminati so shit and ineffective? Is it because they originate from your tiny retarded mind? Seems so

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I don't know if you are as angry sounding as you appear, or if your insults are only for show.

For anyone who cares, the article posted here shows that New Zealand already lacks over 300,000 egg-laying hens to meet their demand.

And this article says New Zealand has been short on eggs in stores:

The big food shortages in the USA will happen when daily truck shipments into the cities are stopped.

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Wow, mild egg shortages in New Zealand. What a dangerous few years we've faced from the imaginary Illuminati attacking the food chain. Who knows, another few more years of this and we might see a few more cents on the price of a porkchop in Japan.

What a dangerous imaginary Illuminati you've imagined, moron

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Do not fear any group of people. Fear God. He could bless the weather and make the earth fertile, but because mankind has rejected him, what would be the point? You are unwilling to acknowledge that there are food shortages now and much worse than we have ever seen. You ignore the millions of people in other nations that are hungry and malnourished. Either you do not see it, or you simply do not care. I will not waste any more time talking to you.

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New Zealanders didn't pray right and so god burned down a chicken farm to make them pay a few dollars more for eggs. What a weirdly fucked-up imaginary god to add to your imaginary world

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Meanwhile a gallon of milk went up and then back down a dollar in my area in that time frame

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Jesus gave signs to look for before the end of the world. Famine is one sign. You can see how food production is dropping and will continue to do so.

For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.

If you want to be saved, repent and turn to Jesus. You can talk to him through prayer from any location.

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It's the usual. Rich people scheming to artificially reduce the food supply so they can cash in.

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New Zealand had all of 10% of their domestic supply from large farms. In IIRC 2012 they started phasing it out in favor of lower density chicken farming. This farm was going out of business within a year anyway. Smells like insurance fraud and singed feathers.

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The Eggocaust is upon us.