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Because "his communism" always is implemented as authoritarianism. There can exist grassroots socialism though.

Marx was great at diagnosing the problems, but terrible at providing workable solutions.

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Adding to this: Communism exists ubiquitously in the workplace amongst the workers. No one asks their coworkers for pay for assistance, etc.. People work very effectively in teams. The same applies in families. Duties and responsibilities are assigned by ability, and need. In reality, communism is working efficiently everywhere we look. It is as old as society.

Violence of capitalism is also everywhere we look. Workplace deaths and injuries. Generally, because the owner classes cut corners on safety, and safety related regulation.

The public doesn't often hear about this violence, because the media is also run by the owner class.

This violence is the reality for most people in so-called capitalist societies.

Don't believe the propaganda.

Edit: I don't think that Marx defined communism, or how it would work. Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

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Don't celebrate Ben Franklin or Thomas Edison. Their electricity has killed millions.

FUCK THAT NOISE. Dogmatic propaganda.

"Socialism" and "science" are just processes and verbs not nouns and have been UTTERLY PERVERTED by "their" narratives. If you don't understand Marx then you don't understand how he's been perverted and blamed for all the evils of all the different types of Communism in their variations on totalitarianism. Further you don't understand how to criticize and maybe even improve on capitalism - ie. Worker Directed Enterprises, aka Worker Cooperatives.

Communism is totalitarianism. That's not socialism - for the people. Capitalism is just as bad and is inverted totalitarianism. It's still a pyramid but they eye at the top is upsidedown - the many corporations tell the few politicians what to do - rather than a supreme leader over all.

Everywhere has some fascism/totalitarianism and some socialism.

Fascism by definition is a union of corporations and government, by Mussolini himself. The Corporatocracy has taken over the world. Hitler had little to do with it. Hitler was no saint by any stretch but he was the underdog. Russia lost 20 million winning WWII that the Anglos just helped with. The USA didn't win that "good" war. After Stalin killed another 20 million of his own Russian people. STALIN IS WAY WORSE than Hitler (but the Jews!?!). Who's worse than Stalin? MAO!!! By faaaaaaar. Mao was installed by the Yale Skull & Bones Society. Look it up.

Everywhere has some socialism. All the libraries, community centers, toll-free roads, firefighters, etc etc etc. Also all the Armies, Navies, Air Forces, Marines, etc etc etc are socialism "protective" services paid by you - all in for benefits for all (allegedly). Socialism is just a process, like science. Don't even get me started on SCIENTISM.

Too late. I copy pasted the following from another paragraph I wrote for Wikipedia...

"Open science uses the scientific method as a process of open discovery of shared verifiable knowledge, whereas proprietary science is privately developed by corporations and organizations yet their "scientific" processes and research are not publicly shared (or are obscured behind paywalls or published in expensive private journals), therefore unverifiable as legitimate forcing the public to have "faith" in their privatized science and "trust" that rigorous studies have been and are conducted, proper precautions taken, adequate warnings given, and that the results are beneficial to individuals, society, and the environment - as well as serving their private shareholders. Further, we are supposed to "believe" all of the profit driven marketing, media hype, and propaganda, not to mention the political lobbyists (a soft term for legalized bribery), and trust we are getting the best technology, drugs, medical care, and environmental stewardship while corporate monopolies safely and honestly earn their profits in a world where corporate corruption and status quo war profiteering are business as usual. This obscured or blind faith in corporate science is called Scientism."

Socialism existed long before Marx. Marx was a thinker and critic of Capitalism. How can you improve it if you can't criticize it. Capitalism must demonize him.

I am not a commie. It's many variations are twisted perversions of Marx's ideas, which weren't perfect either.

I'm against ALL government. I'm an agorist, voluntarist, or anarchist - variations on the same thing. And I lean left on more policies than right and that makes me - a free thinker who doesn't buy into tribalism dogma.

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Capitalism is a system that is crudely built on communism. At every workplace individuals contribute as team members without asking each other for compensation. They get paid by the business owners, and it is frowned upon to discuss pay rates with each other. There are consequences for this.

Business owners are the ones who primarily negotiate pricing, etc.

The worker classes generally only negotiate pricing on big ticket pricing (houses, cars, etc). They can plead for additional income from the owners.

The main benefits of capitalism are not generally accessable to people who do not belong to the owner class, and they are very conscious of this fact.

We're not supposed to discuss this.. You won't hear about this on TV.

Edit: I've never read Marx, but I've posted some insightful videos from David Graeber that are worth watching.