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Antifa are establishment goons. The only way to get justice is to deliver it personally to Antifa.

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„Antifa cell“ - aren't all good people against fascism? edit: And of course it's good that a criminal got punished, I'm not defending him.

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Antifa are not against fascism. They are literally gustapo working for fascists. The proof is in the fact that they are fully supported by government and all the elite controlled establishments: Google, Facebook, Twitter, mainstream media, etc.

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Antifas are communists and jews. They were started by jews and they are still run by jews.
They do the bidding of Google (owned by jews), Facebook (owned by jews), Twitter (owned by jews), mainstream media (owned by jews) and the government (33% jews in Bidens cabinet)

Retarded conservatives call antifas fascists instead of communists or jews. Fascists fought the communists.

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Fascists are oligarchs that combine the power of government and business to control the proletariat. There is nothing communist about that. Though I'm sure they would use communist propaganda to manipulate people, what they are is fascists.

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Are you jewish or did you just fall for jewish propaganda?

What do you think the bolsheviks did? What are they, the jews, doing today? Combining Government and business to genocide christians
Watch all the videos on this channel. Most are 1 minute long. Educate yourself instead of being a cuck for jews

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Look at the German Revolution which caused the fascist uprising in Nazi Germany:

What do all the leaders have in common? They are all fucking jews. They are not "fascists" they are communist jews.

Fascists are those who oppose this weimerica we live in today with trannies, gays, mass immigration, prostitues etc running wild

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Fascim isn't a people. The fuck are you on?

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No, but fascists oppose a people, the jews.

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Any rational person opposes jews. But allowing business and government to become one is a recipe for tyranny. That is fascism, and any rational person will oppose that too.

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How will you oppose jews without using the power of the government and the business market?

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You sure as shit won't oppose them with the government and business they own.

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The fact fascists did this doesn't mean this is the ONLY way to oppose them, and in fact the fascist way ended in catastrophic failure, so it's hardly a template for success.

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Everybody opposing fascism is antifascist. Me and you and many more. That's the definition in the dictionary. It's not a reptilian group. It's, simply, people who oppose fascism.

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Antifa don't. That's not thier MO. It's a slogan they hide behind. There may be some useful idiots who bought the propaganda and join in on the terrorism based on that, but if a mob says "we are going to kill a child rapist" and a few fools join in knowing nothing about it and they go kill an innocent man, are they murderers or vigilantes? I say they are murderers despite what their intentions were. Why should they be seen as anything else simply because they are too stupid to think for themselves? Why should the oligarchs have a pool of stupid people to use as weapons against thier adversaries and no one can even hold those weapons accountable because they pleade ignorance? Fuck that noise.

Antifa act according to the direction of fascists. Therefore they should be considered fascists. Even if in thier stupid heads they are anti fascist.

And there is no way to distinguish the useful idiots from the bullshitters who know full well what they are doing, and hide behind the plausible deniability.

Just look at the history of the 3 guys Rittenhouse shot. All of them despicable. A 5 time child rapist, released early and what a shocker he becomes a thug for group that gets marching orders from fascists and protection under them.

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Just look at the history of the 3 guys Rittenhouse shot

They were also jews.

Therefore they should be considered fascists.

No, fascists fought jews and communists. Antifa are jews and communists, not fascists.

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No, fascists fought jews and communists. Antifa are jews and communists, not fascists.

Ethnic identity has nothing to do with fascism. That you think being Jewish means you can't be fascist is just sad.

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Ethnic identity has nothing to do with fascism

You are literally clueless about this subject. Fascism is a response to jewish bolshevism. It started after the jewish revolution in Russia and the jewish revolution in Germany. Millions of people were slaughtered and fascists all over Europe didn't want that to happen to their nations so fascism became the REACTION to the problem.

Antifa was started by jews because fascists were opposed to JEWS murdering millions of christians

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Could you precise which exact antifa you are talking about? Cause I know many antifa groups, and actually I identify as an antifascist, and we do many good things together. Antifa that I know is fighting for workers rights, animal rights, fighting corporate greed and nationalism, fighting for human rights and for equality. I don't think it's as evil as you picture it.

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You are tools uses by others to cause chaos and destruction. The causes you think you are fighting for are nothing more than propaganda used to control you.

Unions fight for workers rights, you are not a union.

When the fascists want to push thier anti meat agenda they tell you to attack farmers and use animal rights propaganda to control you.

Antifa does zero to fight corporations. They use the BLM riots to destroy small businesses for the benefit of giant conglomerates owned by the .01%. If Antifa ever caused a problem for corporations they wouldn't be supported by corporation.

Nationalism is the only thing that can bring everyone together. It is the only thing we all have in common. The .01% use our differences to divide and conquer. And you are the attack dogs that destroy the one thing that can bring us all together.

Antifa are guilty of uncountable violent crimes. The claim that you fight for human rights is laughable. You are violent thugs, who violently silence peaceful opposition to the oligarchs.

Equality is what you literally fight against. You use the term equity to justify that attack on Equality. You have a perverted concept of equity that can't ever be achieved and therfore can always be used to justify any evil, violent bullshit you do. It is absolutely despicable

I think you are brainwashed.

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Are you antiwhite? Do you support nonwhite immigration into white countries? Do you support abortion/killing white babies in white countries? Do you support jews?

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No, yes, I support abortion regardless of colour, I don't understand the question.

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Your stupid word games aside, there are groups that carry out violence, threats, terrorism, harassment and other crimes against perceived political opponents under the guise of being “anti-fascist” or antifa. With their definition of what constitutes fascism varying greatly.

These groups are protected by Neocon money and power. Everyone who hasnt undergone an establishment lobotomy knows this.

What or who they consider “fascist” is irrelevant. I don't agree with either fascism or marxism, but I don’t violently attack or harass someone who holds those or any other political views. To do so is the very definition of terrorism. Only neocons genuinely like antifa and your post history reveals you are a classic neocon, regardless of what you choose to call yourself. Obsessed with Russia, Iran, Syria, and anyone else who opposes israel or neocon hegemony.

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OK, but I hate what Israel does to Palestine.

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No, antifas are communists and jews. The group was started by jews and it is still ran by jews today.

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All good people are fascists

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Groom more kids

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Patriot Front gets rolled up by the Feds with the quickness, Antifa just cruises along untouched.

January 6th "insurrectionists" are identified almost before their protest is over (and their every last background detail loving dug up and shown off for the world to see almost as quickly), with everyone and their dog coming out the woodwork to join in the hunt. But, somehow, nobody can figure out who those masked hipster douches in the branded anarchy merch are...

Tells me everything I need to know about Antifa and who's holding their leash.

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I'm still not convinced PF wasn't a glowie fishing expedition.

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Same, honestly. White power types always have this distinct vibe to them, which is partly physical (WP-specific ink being foremost). Then you add in the fact that they were all allowed to keep their masks on, and the clothing that said "law enforcement casual" from head to shoes?

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Weird I thought all the prosecutors were Soros appointed and weren't allowed by their ideology to prosecute violence from the left? Someone must have lied to me about that

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This is unfortunately an extremely rare exception and does not disprove the rule. We have yet to see how they are charged and what the fallout for other domestic terrorists will be.

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Antifa are the useful idiots of our era. Rile up a bunch of young people with extremist ideologies. Goad the most stupid and impressionable ones that are of little to to society anyway into comitting crimes and terroristic activity, then use them as justification to ramp up surveillance and central authority as the common folk welcome in the increased lack of privacy and expansion and further militarization of civilian police forces, then charge the antifa types and incarcerate them when they cease to serve a political purpose and become problematic.