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As more people come out of their hidey-holes and actually start talking to their neighbours again, they'll start to realize that the vast majority of people are nice and aren't interested in hating people over race, politics, or anything really, despite what the narrative has been over the past 5 years. When that happens, expect a massive turn away from this divisive horseshit we've been fed.

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It also doesn't help making women scared of men because a a lot of old guys get really really happy if a young woman takes an interest in their hobby.

Wasn't there a study which showed female students do better with male mentors than female ones and vice versa? Men love teaching women shit. Current feminism says this is a bad thing, mansplaining, but it's a plus for women who want to succeed at something.

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To be honest I have never really been a "gun guy". I'm fine with them, 2nd amendment and all, just not for me. But I went out to the shooting range with a friend, and I just think people who frequent gun ranges are going to love anyone else at the gun range. Like, they just love that you are there, they love guns so much and they want everyone to have a great experience, so they are going to treat you great and try to help in any way they can.

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Which is interesting because not all hobbies and interests are like that.

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This is an example of how all those demographic arguments, be they race-based, age-based, or whatever, don't work in our actual lives.

Unfortunately, we do live in the "OK Boomer" / "Millenials Are Ruining Crocheting" era of public discourse. It's all about large groups of people being much, much better (or more virtuous) than other large groups of people. Shit just doesn't work that way- especially when it comes to "virtuous" specifically.