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Men will tell you how to feel about your own pussy love and you'll shut the fuck up and take it like a good little girl. It's enough to make me nauseous.

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Welcome to the egalitarian Marxist paradise, brother. Let me explain it for you, words don't really mean things, they just artificial social constructs. Sex, nothing more than a social convention! Race! No such thing! It's all in our minds and we can just change what those words mean so we think the right way, the anti-racist way, where we celebrate the differences we don't have that make us all special and systematically oppressed -- unless you're a piece of shit white cishet colonizer then you can choke on a bag of amputated girldicks you terf scum!

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Agree with your take on the trans nazis, but I'm not sure Marx deserves the blame. The only identity politics Marx was interested in was class politics, he would have called this other shit a distraction by the elites to maintain their elitism, which it is.

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Trans nazis? Yknow that nazis burned transgender books first, right?

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Trans nazis? Yknow that nazis burned transgender books first, right?

I meant that as a figure of speech, I obviously know that trans people do not follow the Nazi ideology.