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Even my boomer parents know that Epstein didn’t kill himself. Anyone who sincerely believes he killed himself is either incredibly lazy or incredibly retarded.

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Is the DOJ pursuing any investigations?

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They investigated Isaac Kappy and Tracy Twyman, then they both suicided.

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Jesus Christ.

There was a French guy involved who hanged himself too wasn't there?

Jean-Luc Brunel. Is this getting suspicious?

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suspicious? You mean people dying after being a threat to expose deep state pedos isn't natural?

Might want to look into...Max Spiers, Natacha Jiatt, Andrew Breitbart, Tom Philpott, Jenny Moore, Monica Peterson, Jill Dando, Bulic Forsythe, Mark Minnie, John Wiley, Dave Allen, Gary Caradori, Prince Beasley, Helena Stoeckley, Greg Mitchell, Drąsius Kedys, William Coombes, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, Joshua Cardwell, Nancy Schaefer

Take the first name, Max Spiers for example:

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suspicious? You mean people dying after being a threat to expose deep state pedos isn't natural?

There seem to have been a few deaths in prisons and not many trials.

Take the first name, Max Spiers for example:

Right. But like most people, I find it implausible that UFOs are anything to do with extraterrestrials, and any government cover-ups would be about maintaining secrecy over the current (at the time) military technology. Killing people over it wouldn't be necessary, unless they're actual insiders doing international espionage.

Whereas Epstein certainly had a lot of very rich associates. The four high profile ones being Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. And he certainly got an unbelievable plea deal in 2007 from Alexander Acosta, maybe for his self, or maybe having been leaned on by someone more powerful.

These people could have someone killed. (Although to be fair, I would be surprised if Prince Andrew had the contacts or gumption, but any of the other three, and likely vastly more of the lower profile by equally powerful clients could plausibly have someone killed).

But since the trial and sentencing of Ghislaine Maxwell, it seems that not everyone who could spill the beans on Epstein's clients has died by suicide, so it's easy to assume that it's not a thing. So I'm surprised that there are four deaths. Maybe they were genuinely suicides.

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Spiers died for investigating a pedo ring in a US military base in Poland, nothing to do with UFO's.

Ghislaine's father was an intelligence officer. They're the ones running the pedo rings. Gates, Andrew, Trump, Clinton are the clients.

Ghislaine seemingly hasn't been photographed in over a year. We only see cartoons of her. She's probably not even in prison anymore. Also, she hasn't spilled any beans.

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Spiers died for investigating a pedo ring in a US military base in Poland, nothing to do with UFO's.

Did he publish anything about this ring?

Ghislaine's father was an intelligence officer. They're the ones running the pedo rings.

Allegedly. With links to the KGB and/or Mossad. Which would be a different pedo ring from Epstein. You'd imagine. (Although plausibly Trump could've had access to both).

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Interesting... I just cleared some time in my weekend schedule to dig into these names. Thanks.

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You don't say ?

Take care that they don't arrest you... instead

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They won't, I'm friends with the Clintons LOL

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Can you get me Monica Lewinskys private phone number ?

I've been after that one for decades, now.

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Why pay when you can have the supremacy for free?

(If it's free, then you're the product.)

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Exactly. I rather doubt anyone actually paid. Epstein was no mere pimp. He dealt in favors and/or blackmail. Nothing so crude as cash most likely.

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True, but Epstein's killer and regular lolita express rider had his house searched by the FBI this week in mar a lago, so fingers crossed

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You mean the guy who was the only one who willingly cooperated with the investigation into Epstein in 2009, who cut ties with Epstein in 2002 after Epstein hit on an underage girl at maralago? That guy?

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Is it your opinion, that someone flying many times on the lolita express, can make up for their pedo crimes by "cutting ties"? Would you clear the Clintons of any wrongdoing if they had just cut ties?

If Epstein didn't kill himself then the president did. Trump then gave Ghislaine the mafia warning of "I hope she'll stay safe by remembering what happened to Jeff" or whatever the fuck he said. He did it. Because he's a sex pest pedo criminal who even raped his own wife.

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You are conflating "richass rich guys flying on richguy airplanes" and "flying to pedo island fucking children."

This is your error.

You are giving Trump credit for a local crime, which is confabulist. You should keep yourself safe LOL

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Ah so you think notorious groper, rapist sex pest Donald Trump was just hanging out carpooling with Epstein.

Are you extended that same graciousness to everyone who flew on lolita express? You are, right?

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You're drinking CNN-flavoured kool-aid and it shows.

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Lol. It's funny that you can't explain why you let pedo rapist trump off the hook while holding other lolita passengers accountable. So you have to try and inject other topics and pretend this is about the media.

Let's ignore your CNN comment and return to the topic at hand.

Trump raped his wife

He admitted to groping and spying on Ms America contestants

He rode lolita express over and over and over again

He partied with Epstein and Maxwell over and over and over again

He was the most powerful man in the nation when Epstein was killed. He had every reason to kill him, and was the world's most equipped to cover it up

He issued his mafia warning to Maxwell

The evidence is truly stacked against pedo rapist sex pest trump, isnt it. You had better try and swing the conversation onto a different topic fast, quick, say this is all CNN again

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Gish gallop and ignore previous points? Sure, I'll ignore you going forward no problem buddy!

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I know not everyone is as good a reader as the average internet user. So if you think you made a point that wasn't addressed, feel free to point it out and I'll help you with your comprehension. Because, just FYI, there were no points you made which weren't addressed by me. Meanwhile, you read (or tried to) all of my points, then just said it was CNN. So I can see you're really struggling with holding a conversation here, happy to help if you just ask for it.

Here I can get us started....

  1. He raped his wife

  2. He groped and spied on pageant contestants

  3. He rode with and partied with Epstein

  4. He probably killed Epstein

  5. He issued a mafia warning to Maxwell

You can just pick any number and try to respond to it. If you don't know what a word means, just ask, I won't shame you, i know lots of people have trouble reading just like you.

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Perhaps you can get a refund

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The pdf of the phone book is available, I scoured it to find the Clinton name. Not there. Can you point it out? Some Trumps and Dershowitz are in there, though.

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Thanks for the link! I really appreciate that.

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You're welcome

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Still cannot believe Epstein had a jet called the Lolita Express - how the fuck is that not a warning sign?

That's the kind of name I expect from an edgy gamertag; the kind of angerbaiting nonsense I'd expect from an asshole who is just playing along.

People knew. Lots of people knew. And they were complacent - and yet we have nothing.

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We have nothing *yet. When orange daddy gets back in, or deathsantis, they're gonna sweep the pedos into the ocean!

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They operation out in the open, even pedo Trump brought in a bunch of pedophiles and deep state agents

Rudy Giuliani was mayor of NY during 9/11 and helped cover it up by sending beams to China to be melted down before inspection

Steve Feinberg is a billionaire Zionist pedo ring cult master.

George Nader, self-admitted pedo

Roy Moore, child molestor

Katie Johnson, raped by Trump and threatened into silence

Mike "there is no deep state" Pompeo is a deep state shill

Trump pardoned 4 deep state Blackwater war criminals who went around slaughtering and raping civilians in Bagdad

But shills like iamonlyoneman will likely still keep shilling for Trump.

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Not trying to defend him or anything, just inject a little common sense. No of course it wasn't actually named Lolita Express! Jeffrey Epstein wasn't an idiot. Lolita Express is just a nickname that caught on in the press, supposedly first used by suspicious locals near his island but I can't confirm that. I don't think airplanes even have official names in the same way ships do. But it didn't have that or any other name painted on it. (And yes, that's the plane, a few stories do mention the tail number, N908JE.)