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Southpark are the best.

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So if a man does it, he gets life and raped in prison.

A woman gets 60 days in county.

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Most people don't seem to care about the well-being of boys. Whenever boys experience trauma, it's usually either "their own fault" or "not that big of a deal."

See: Circumcision, for example.

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That’s because anybody who does is accused of being a misogynist or a child abuser.

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That boy is likely not traumatized at all.

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I would totally have loved to banged my teachers. I think I hit peak maturity at 14 anyways. That's not the same as deflowering some poor naive girl.

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I see it as the same relationship. A older person, that exercises authority over a child, sleeps with a child that falls in love with them.

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Yeah but I had a massive sex drive at that age rearing to go and I was spilling my fertile seed into nothing, why not teachers?

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You're literally making excuses for pedophilia...

A predator is a predator. It doesn't matter if the victim "enjoys" the encounter, he's still a child being exploited by an adult. A 13-year-old isn't mature enough to understand the emotions he's feeling in a situation like this.

It's not uncommon for victims to "fall in love" with their abusers, and then spend the rest of their lives trying to cope with the psychological ramifications – confusion, guilt, resentment, etc.

Many of them grow up to be abusers themselves, because their minds are stuck in the past with an unhealthy and unnatural definition of what "relationships" are.

Adults should not be having sex with children under any circumstances.

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You're literally making excuses for pedophilia...

No, I am being honest that I would have loved to fuck my teachers when I was 14. I'm sorry my reality doesn't fit your ideology, it is what it is.

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You're saying it's okay for adults to have sex with children in certain scenarios...

it is what it is.

Yeah, it's:

making excuses for pedophilia...

Please don't become a teacher.

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Please don't become a teacher

I'm already teaching you, nugget.

You're saying it's okay for adults to have sex with children in certain scenarios

Work on reading comprehension for homework.

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That is what you're saying, you're just saying it in a roundabout way.

Creating a hypothetical situation in which an adult teacher having sex with an underage student is acceptable is a tacit endorsement of a particular incidence of pedophilia.

Please, stop.

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That is what you're saying, you're just saying it in a roundabout way

No, you can read what I wrote. The incorrect suppositions you draw from that is all you.

Please, stop

No, and fuck you.

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That is what you're saying, you're just saying it in a roundabout way

No, you can read what I wrote. The incorrect suppositions you draw from that is on you.

Please, stop

No, and fuck you.

Creating a hypothetical situation in which an adult teacher having sex with an underage student is acceptable is a tacit endorsement of a particular incidence of pedophilia.

Yet again no, and this is why it's so very offensive with a person of your limited mental abilities presumes to tell people what they can and can't say.

When reality does not fit your ideology, it's not reality that's wrong.

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It sounds like the boy already had some emotional or mental problems and now he has this trauma to deal with the rest of his life. He had an authority figure take advantage of him emotionally and sexually at 13 years old. He will probably always have trust issues and may even reciprocate on another child.

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Yes, predators often seek out victims who already have problems because it's easier to manipulate them. A child from a broken home might be desperate for an adult's attention, for example.

Thank you for understanding.

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Ah. Girls sex drive is through the roof as well. A consensual relationship is a consensual relationship.

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High libido women are exceedingly rare, usually it's only hormones that jacks some women's sex drive into something approaching mine, like during puberty (illegal), pregnancy (rawr), and pre-menopause, and not all women experience that.

I think there's a misperception that your average 20 something year old woman is out every night at parties getting mad cock when the reality is they're sitting at home, lonely, watching reality tv.

Although these days the younger generation seems pretty low libido in general, probably from all the drugs in the water supply.

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They met IN A VIDEO GAME. She didn't have authority over him in a video game.

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Read comment below mine.

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Two other articles state that it started when he was 13, so it was 13-16 years old. Not that it makes it any better.

The other article also states that this case was only brought up because she's the one who went to the principle saying she was being harassed by the kid. It seems like she wanted out of the relationship (probably due to her relationship with whoever she was having a baby with) while the kid wanted to keep banging her while she was pregnant. She tried to get the kid in trouble, but the text msgs revealed that they were banging.

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Great. She never should have started fucking a kid. She should get the same time as a man, like what 49 years, and be anally raped by a giant nigger.

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The amount of people spreading pedo apologia in this thread is astonishing.

I was genuinely not expecting it.

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I think the prison sentences for “pedofiles” is way to hard. And non violent criminals should not be housed with violent ones.

I advocate so hard for women to get the same sentences as men is to show people how harsh the system is.

These consensual sexual relationships are harmless. When it’s between a man and a girl, and an adult woman and a boy. Yes, there may be lingering regret, but that’s just regret. Like, deal with it and move in. The relationship was consensual.

Hand down a 10 year sentences and call it a day. Not 40 years, fuck. These men should not be raped in prison and subject to beatings.

Make it illegal. I don’t want any adult men sleeping with my child. Especially a teacher. But 30 - 40 year sentences. Wtf? That’s what the prosecutor asked for this woman. That’s insane.

Consensual sexual relationship but age shit, it’s odd.

Sex with a prepubescent child is different. But again, those people should not be subject to rape and murder and torture. They should be locked away in a nonviolent worker colony, for life. You live in the worker colony now, you are not to have contact with the real world. Because you fucked a prepubescent child.

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Naive? Have you checked who buys cosmo these days?

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I know dude, and you're absolutely right. I was writing to what I imagined people opposed to this probably think. It wasn't that long ago my niece and her friends were that age and I was yelling at them to stop taking pictures of their tits to put on the internet. And it's the age most girls I had grown up with lost their virginity -- usually to much older men.

But nobody wants some dirty teacher plowing the young girls. Who cares if a whore teacher services the boys tho.

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Why not? Because another man can easily replace you in fertilizing eggs so who cares about you?

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Hey Vulpie! Nice to see you buds.

Fertility is very important. The most important thing. There are lies brandished under the name of equality to diminish the grace of women.

How's life my nibba!? Interrobang.

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Why? Because your brain makes you feel like it is not a valid answer. If life were all mindlessly natural we'd be doing nothing but killing each other in the most brutal ways while competing for mates. Civilization was made to escape those things, because our lives are worth more than some pointless game of dominance and natural selection. So how can you sit here and argue that there is nothing wrong with harming even young boys because their natural worth is lower than girls'? You see people as resources, utilities, and tools, not people. You dehumanize people and view them as objects. Therefore to you, abusing the less useful tool does not matter, because it has no value in your eyes. It is like throwing away a stick. But we are not robots, but prisoners of the flesh. So for the time being our selves must take priority over the game of life.

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If you don't propagate, you're just a useless fuck toy.

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Rather what's the use of putting 100% priority in propagating if your offspring are only supposed to do the same thing, and it keeps going forever?

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I don't know, but it's our purpose.

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See, you don't even know. You never question anything, how easily can you be tossed into slavery and brainwashing! The world is 99.9% bad, so you can't blindly trust everything you come across.

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Good bye.

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harming even young boys

Only time a bj harmed me is when it was toothy

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I mean the sentences are pretty weak all round.

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At least the man will know what sex with an adult feels like afterwards.

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"Teacher raped boy, 13, in classroom and even moved into his apartment complex"


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All you do by calling consensual sex rape is to weaken the significance of rape. There is not a 13yr old high school kid on the planet that wouldn't do their hot teacher if they could and no adult male would deny that.

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This is an actual "OK, Groomer" moment.


Please stay away from children.

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This is an actual "OK, Groomer" moment.

How do you figure? He said most boys would happily be groomed, not that HE wanted to fuck anyone underage, I can confirm I would have happily used my 30 year old teacher as a fleshlight when I was that age, and I would not have been a 'victim' of any sort. You are confusing being 'groomed' with being a 'groomer'.

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Why can't that apply to girls too then?

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Because foids are supposed to always be innocent and it's always a man's fault. Even if the foid is in her forties or fifties.

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Children can't consent.

Only a groomer would imply that they can.

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Children can't consent.

Only a groomer would imply that they can.

Its clearly not that simple. Are you telling me that at 17 years and 364 days old I am incapable of consenting to sex, but overnight I have a magical rapid brain development, and the next day I am capable of consenting? This is what the law says - sort of - the age of consent, or what constitutes an adult is different in a hell of a lot of states. There is clearly some ambiguity about when precisely an individual is emotionally capable of consenting to sex

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OK, Groomer.

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So, you aren't actually able to refute or address anything I said, and are resorting to ad hominem attacks and name calling, got it, good talk.

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You moved the goalposts with whataboutism and now you want to cry about ad hominems? Fuck off.

A 32-year-old woman took advantage of a 13-year-old boy. Attempting to downplay that is some pedo-groomer bullshit.

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You moved the goalposts with whataboutism and now you want to cry about ad hominems? Fuck off.

Whataboutism, a valid example proving something wrong, but dismissed as invalid based on the fact that they cannot refute it

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Children are capable of consenting to sex with adults when they're capable of doing all the other things adults are doing.

... that's what I wanted to say. Then I remembered child labor is on its way to becoming legal again in the US so you'll soon see 13 yos paying taxes. And you know what? If you're 13, you have a job and you pay taxes, you can also bang a 30 yo why not

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It's a social concept. A thousand years ago, post-puberty kids were banging like no tomorrow. Life expectancy was 20-35 years.

Age consent laws are good for protecting kids from predators, but if an 18 year old and 16 year old want to bang each other, it shouldn't be a big deal.

Ideally, post-puberty young adults who are level-headed, mentally mature, are aware of predators and can make decisions for themselves should be allowed to make their own sexual decisions. However, there's just no way to judge and implement a rule for that. People who mature slower, even past the age of 18 can also be taken advantage of, manipulated and groomed. Just ask Drake, he's got lots of experience.

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Yep, here in Québec it's 14 years old. The second largest city in Canada, Montréal, is less than an hour's drive from Plattsburgh, New York. So a 15-year-old can't have sex with an adult in Plattsburgh, but they drive North 50 miles and it's no problem.

My point is, LEGAL consent isn't the same thing as biological consent. There is such a thing. Imagine you are 13 and your fat, ugly, stinking teacher comes to try to seduce you. You squirm in anguish. She rubs her huge, sagging and flabby chest on you and you can feel her hand cupping you through your pants. Her revolting breath in your face. Question: ARE YOU HARD? Answer: probably not. But if you are, chances are you want to do her. Biological consent through erection. Same thing with an "underage" (the concept varies hugely from place to place as demonstrated above) girl: If she starts ripping her clothes off and her pussy is dripping wet, it's biological consent.

It's still completely illegal (unless they drive to a place where it isn't) but is it wrong? I think the question is worth asking. I feel it's debatable. No LEGAL consent is being given, yet biological consent is there...

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A racist AND a ped0? Wow, there is scum and then there is SCUM.

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Wanting to do vs. it being a good idea are two different things.

I was once (long ago) a horny 13-year-old kid becoming aware of his same-sex attraction, and would certainly have jumped at the chance to have sex with a real live adult male. Do you think that would have been a good idea? I'm willing to bet your answer would be no. Just to clarify my own opinion: no, that would not have been a good idea in any way.

Adults should not be having sex with children. Full stop, whether heterosexual or homosexual, whether the child in question seems to want that sex or not.

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Were you attracted to adult males? I remember when I was a teenager anyone between 20 to 60 looked the same to me.

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At the time, 20-25 would have been "adult" and potentially hot. Over, say, 30 would have been gross. I can't remember now since my perspective has been distorted by age (spouse and I are now in our 50s and still find each other attractive).

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Would you give drugs to a 13 year-old if they want to get high?

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What if the child had mental and/or physical health problems that could only be treated with psychedelics and cannabis because conventional medicine failed?

[–]Zapped 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (5 children)

Would you give drugs to a 13 year-old if they want to get high, that are not needed for any medical reason?

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I was forced to take antidepressants at 11 or be expelled from school. Fuck your reefer madness shit.

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What does that have to do with anything here?

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Jewish psychiatry at its best. Deal.

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Christian deflection and projection at its worst.

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Nothing Christian about this, a muslim, buddhist or Hindu might have said the same thing.

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Sorry but no. Just NO. First and foremost, if said boy gets hard, he wants it. If he wants it, it's not rape. Yes, he's too young for "legal consent". But he gave literal biological consent, and biology doesn't lie. The kid enjoyed himself, no doubt about it. I'd have done her in an instant given the opportunity back when I was 13.

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OK, Groomer.

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Heterosexuals: Gays are ruining society.

Also heterosexuals: What age of consent?

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There's a reason every major world religion condemns homosexuality. Because those that didn't aren't around anymore.

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There are numerous reasons God made the Jews his chosen people and tolerance of homosexuality is one of them.

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Jews have not historically been tolerant of homosexuality. I think someone has lied to you.

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Goyim project their own prejudices on the Jews in order to manufacture consent for jihads and holocausts.

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Oh fuck, I don't even know how to comment this.

It's just saddens me that even women these days are disgusting pedos.

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Where were these teachers back when I hit puberty?

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Well... i fucked a teacher of mine...

But she only was three years older than me at that time. After i had my A in English we did a lot of things together since i had no car. She had a MX-5... still has seemingly but not the same one anymore.

AND we both were adults at the time. She just left her boyfriend and i jumped at her.

Why the fuck not? She still is hot as hell. Even today. These were my first lessons in pimpology. When my twenties started... these were some magical times. I still miss parts of it. ^ ^

On the other hand: She stayed a middle-class gal. I'm something else nowadays.

My legendary music teacher, that taught me lots of my magic even married a studend of his. So i don't know and just don't wanna know why there is all this bigotry in gods own hellhole about making love with an age difference.

It's just a fucking number. If it doesn't "click" it just doesn't click. But if it does it is such a big "crime".

Fuck those ancient laws from beyond the stone ages. The fucked-up idiots that made them only could circle-jerk because of their self-hate and uglyness, i assume.

It's the 21st century. Literally nothing can stop love and all this "grooming" bs is fake as the devil himself, so to say, in your language.

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I think it's unfortunate that people have to spend effort to explain to you why this is wrong. Personally, we need to stop wasting time and just bring out the rope.

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It is not unfortunate. It is a difference of opinion.

And if you want to hang your fellow citizens for this, it is your cup of tea. Not mine.

I surely won't set a foot on US "soil" or occupied territory.

I get called kinda "insane". By baboons, chimps and some students of mine I don't give a rat's ass about, sometimes.

But i'm surely not insane "enough" to visit a country where an army of totally uneducated baboons and psychopaths handle guns on a regular basis (friendly fire is a bitch, ain't it?) and completely dehumanized bobbleheads and ticks "rule".

US is completely fucked up beyond recognition since they wrote down their "constitution".

That is why it is so amusing for me to watch this giant circlejerk and massacres of these mostly "Christian" extremists.

From my pov Mark Twain was the first citizen with balls big enough to state these facts.

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Where are you, Thailand? Those poor kids.

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Every bet exposes you. And you just lost this one.

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So this foid couldn't find a grown man to have sex with and had to groom a 13yo boy. I guess it's because of the oppressive patriarchy.