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Four times...rookie numbers...these are.

When i started riding horses with only two legs in my teenage years, eight times a day and more was nearer to my average on a weekend day. And if you switch horses in between your energy is magically refilled.

I fucked so much on some days i almost couldn't walk anymore because my legs hurt so much.

But then came the point in my life when i started valuing quality over quantity.

My queen is strong ...

I admit that i couldn't wish for more in one female being, because something more "fitting" me seems quite impossible.

TL;DR: I pity human beings satisfied with a simple fucktoy. But i agree that you gotta start somewhere.

But staying there is way too easy to be satisfactory enough over the course of a lifetime for most human beings, seemingly.

That's why this "heiress" should be punished adequately for being the grooming bitch that she actually is.

Not what she poses as by simulating all this whining. Put her into jail and let her rot till the stink she emits anyway is smell-able by everyone.