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  1. Parkland: Fake/PSYOP

  2. Russia Probe: Theater: Distraction, idealogical subversion

  3. MeToo: Theater, limited hangout

  4. Mass Shootings: All high profiles and many local mass shootings are Fake/PSYOPs.

  5. Midterms: Rigged

  6. Immigration Crisis: Fake, NEWS designed smith mundt PSYOP

  7. Kavanaugh Hearing: Political Theater

  8. CA Fires: Deliberately set.

  9. Climate Change: Weather manipulation. Geoengineering

  10. Khashoggi Murder: Fake

Once you accept that SOME events reported by the media are faked, logic will inexorably lead you to the fact that virtually ALL of them are.

The character of a true story is altogether different than that of a fabricated one; this is a juxtaposition to be avoided at all cost.

So we’re knocking on the door of Nov. without a single high profile school shooting. If this trend continues, someone will have to account for the sharp decrease over last school year.

But more likely, we’ll suddenly have a wave of school shootings after the first of the year.