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So 99.99999% of research papers linking it to chimpanzees are a conspiracy but this random useless embarrassed, humiliated defeated black african man saying "nuh huh" is YOUR reference? And why should this even be entertained. This is like me asking my doctor if he can guarantee me i'll live tomorrow and that a meteor wont strike me and if he cant guarantee that, then all his foundational knowledge is wrong. Jesus, get a grip.

And you seem to be an elementary school christian. A "theory" isnt a guess or a conspiracy theory like you're used to. A theory is an assumption about a bunch of facts. If there's a dead woman on the floor and a knife in someone's hands, the fact is the woman is dead and the "theory" is about how she died. If you question the "theory", it doesnt suddenly mean the woman is fucking ALIVE". The virus is from a simian species. This is a fact. Monkeys have AIDS. They gave it to humans. Monkeys are loaded with AIDS. Some embarrassed idiot saying "well, how EXACTLY did it infect us and from which monkey and which monkey gave it to which one and what were their names" and if the scientist says "we havent figured that out yet because we're too busy focusing on making a vaccine"..that doesnt mean the facts change about where it came from.

If the government made the virus, then why the fuck do monkeys have it? And why is the virus much older in the simian species than in africans?