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Shooting the messenger doesn't change the message.

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Sure but the intimidation is very effective. Fear works in a whole variety of ways.

For example I dont believe that many of those affected by the mass psychosis are actually afraid of the virus. I think what theyre really afraid of is the mob, the lemming herd, and it's monumental destructive power.

Im not a religious type at all but Ive come to believe that the devil is real. It's the human mob. It has the power to turn the majority of seemingly nice, harmless, intelligent, and well-meaning people into genocidal monsters.

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I've never thought of it that way, but that makes a lot of sense. In Biblical terms, it's like following the ways of the world instead of the ways of God. Another example of this phenomenon is abortion - how society spinned something barbaric into something acceptable and even encouraged.

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Blood spattered.