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Friendly reminder that 48 democrats voted in favor of racial discrimination

Which is weird because I was constantly told Republicans were the racists.

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“Universities across the country have followed this precedent in structuring their admissions processes,” Harvard argued. “And the American public has looked to this precedent for assurance that the nation recognizes and values the benefits of diversity and that the path to leadership is open to all.”

Thats bullshit. Higher Learning wants to replace meritocracy with identity politics. The best will be replaced by the blackest.

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Yeah, with separate water fountains for all.

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It is pitiful that they have to characterize the discrimination as being mostly against Asians, when the real discrimination is in favor of Jews against white men.

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I wonder if the supreme court will come out with a ruling that says you can use affirmative action to discriminate against whites but not asians.