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This is another hoax. It's still on YouTube because it's fake bullshit.

Waukesha Christmas Parade News posted before it happened

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I had wondered how the left was going to make this go away. And now I know.

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They announced at this afternoon's presser that there will be no more press conferences, only releases. They're rolling it up already.

When the BLM terrorist goes to trial, it will be under a cloud of obscurity. He will beneft from pro bono work done by white shoe attorneys. He'll maybe be sentenced to twenty years. This too will be met with consternation in the media, who will have framed his prosecution as a lynch mob. Any media which mentions the disappointment of the survivors and the families of the victims will digress in the second paragraph to an explanation of how white supremacist groups have taken up the cause of exploiting this tragedy for which, in a kind of way, the accused and the black community at large are among the victims.

Darrell Brooks may even come to be understood by the university-educated women in your life as a political prisoner.

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Stop watching and considering the news. If anyone needs a wakeup call it's them. They push hate all day everyday, maybe its time to hate them, and the result means they all get attacked. See if they have actual real life fear, they start to realize being a troll isn't worth it. Also remember the old adage, don't feed the trolls.

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I had wondered how the left was going to make this go away. And now I know.

It's that so?

Please dazzle us with your shrewd and discerning insight.