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seven life destroyed. allahu snackbar ... (there's no basis of health benefit, except sharia)

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According to the article, it's been over 100. The district judge let her have a pass the first time in courts over it, stating that it should be up to the state to allow fully awake female children to be mutilated for religious practices. It seems like he should be brought to justice over this as well.

Prosecutors later argued that Nagarwala completed mutilation procedures on as many as 100 young girls over the course of a decade who were all told to keep the surgeries a secret. Then, on Thursday, prosecutors brought forward more accusations that Nagarwala wasn’t the only doctor performing the mass mutilations.

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There may be downsides to importing the third world into the modern world.

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Jail or deport the bitch. Zero tolerance for this butchering - some "cultural practices" are barbaric and warrant absolute condemnation.