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He can't possibly hang on much longer.

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This global economic terrorist is staring at China!?

that page does not give a link to the article, maybe i missed it..

edit: without a link on that page, this is most likely a fabricated and false story.

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Another source:

Seems real enough.

Soros as “the most evil person in the world” and “the son of Satan.”

Quite accurate.

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George Soros has been banned from six countrys. China was the first to ban him and dismantle his institutes.

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I don't know exactly whether China called him that, but I know that China rebukes Soros. Fishy sites.

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So the Chinese are now numb like you all are ?

At least their government isn't compromised by jews and big money.

Like your giant 9/11 lie.

How many propaganda you all can spread before people put your heads on a pike ?

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Jews were there from the beginning of their commie revolution. They were the only "white people" that had positions in their government.

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china knows the deal, they all read currency wars which is banned here

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What exactly banned where?

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Yeah, but so is the CCP, buying up American companies left and right — especially media companies — so they can brainwash our youth and put our Nation in an economic choke-hold.

A mixed economy is the only rational option.

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Those American companies are at fault for selling to foreigners.

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It's treasonous!

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Rob - this is a 'commentary' in The Global Times, which the China government has allowed to be in the news media, and many in the government might agree with the commentary, but it's not an official statement by the government of China. This post title and are misleading, at best, or also false.

Thank you, however, for the link, as I hadn't known of the website. Seems it belongs in the /s/ShitpostNews list. I'll keep reading.

And regarding the potential conservative mantra of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend', one would think that Soros's support for Hong Kong, and the way that he angered China (gov), is very good. He supports very good causes, especially causes that are pro-democracy. So the right-wing hatred for Soros is also revealing of how much people on the 'right' want to reduce democracy, to reduce your role in the potential improvement of government legislation against the abuses of corporate and wealthy donors. Follow the money.

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A rich person pushing their favorite polices through with their money, lobbying and astroturfing is anti-democratic no matter what those policies are.

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Certainly not if it supports democratitic causes.

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Clearly one man pushing his own beliefs on everyone else is undemocratic by the very definition.

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Are you trying to get me to believe something that's this ridiculous, or do you genuinely believe it?

(If the latter, keep in mind that there are numerous wealthy doners who support initiatives that help democracies develop and the rule of the 99% over the 1%, just as there are numerous donors who support initiatives that ruduce the role of the 99% in a democracy, so that the 1% can abuse the 99% for temporary gain. Search 'corporate' 'donors', and search 'wealthy' 'donors'. The extent to which right-wing propaganda helps people believe what you wrote is quite worrying. It's not logical or based on factual information.)

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You simply don't understand what democracy is.

It's not the outcome you personally think is good.

That's not right wing propaganda.

Can you even give an example of a supposed pro democracy policy promoted by Soros?

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You simply don't understand what democracy is.

Really - that's the conversation we're supposed to have? High School civics? You telling me what I know or don't know? How is that an adult conversation?

It's not the outcome you personally think is good.

This is irrelevant. It's not at issue.

That's not right wing propaganda.

This is irrelevant. It's not at issue.

Can you even give an example of a supposed pro democracy policy promoted by Soros?

You can easily locate this, because it's the #1 aim of his foundations (to put the 99% back in control of their nations):

The Open Society Foundations, founded by George Soros, are the world’s largest private funder of independent groups working for justice, democratic governance, and human rights. We provide thousands of grants every year through a network of national and regional foundations and offices, funding a vast array of projects—many of them now shaped by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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That's like saying the Democratic Republic of Korea is a democracy because it's in the name.

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Right - not really much to discuss....

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That's the same logic as saying the Democratic Republic of Korea is a democracy because it's in the name.

If you actually read the news articles you link to you'll see they actually refute your argument. Multiple democratically elected government of all kinds see Soros's foundation working to undermine them and they speak out about it often.

So again, what are the specific pro democratic policies he promotes?

I've seen myself the Open Society try to censor and deny free speech around the trans debate. They are illiberal as soon as someone disagree with them. Even in your link they are really proud of promoting the idea of hate crimes and hate speech which allows the powerful to bring the force of the state down on people they don't like.

So much for democracy.

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No - Jet - there's no need for all of this. Soros has pro-democracy foundations. Why turn this information into something it isn't. This is exhausting...

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Soros funded the campaigns of the DA's who refused to prosecute violent rioters all last summer. He takes his morning dump in democracies breakfast.

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Good causes like BLM, antifa, and funding chaos in white countries? He's a piece of trash and I look forward to the day I get to read that he finally died.

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And pro-democracy - so that you can continue to enjoy your freedom fries and potentially vote your favorite candidates into office

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OK, so show what he's done to promote those things.

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Lol at you actually believing that. 1 in 7 Americans live in poverty in this "democracy". A lot of people can't enjoy freedom fries amongst other things thanks to vaccine mandates in this "democracy". If you don't agree with msm narratives then you are silenced in this "democracy". I could go on but your mind is clearly made up that you believe all the bullshit coming from shitheads like Soros, AOC, Biden etc.

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your mind is clearly made up

This has nothing to do with me. I've made points about Soros; that's it. If you have a problem with Soros, mention what it is. Did he help create income inequality in the US? No. Think about the legislation passed by Republicans (and Clinton) in the past 40 years. If all of this is to be reduced to attacks on 3 people who are working on democratic and financial benefits of the 99%, while being blocked by Republicans, guess who is fucking up our lives. (Not those 3 people.)

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What? Soros absolutely has a hand in income inequality. He makes money shorting currency.

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This is way too oversimplified, as if you've copied it from Fox News. He's spent billions on assisting the 99%. Attacks on him by the 1% are solely for the purpose of continuing their abuses of the 99%.

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ThIs Is FoX nEwS pRoPaGaNdA

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Like I said your mind is already made up. The fact that you think some shitbag who sold his own people out to the Germans gives a shit about you or anyone else is hilarious.

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I think you're projecting (ie. you absolutely believe the anti-Soros disinformation - as if he has so much control over everything [which he doesn't]). I am merely mentioning what I've learned about him, his foundations, his support for democrats, and his support for democracy. Only people who don't like all of that would bother to argue. But what's not to like, I wonder (and don't feel compelled to answer).

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I've already answered but like I said before, your mind is already made up.

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It doesn't matter. The discussion is about Soros, not my mind, or your mind, or anything personal. Have confidence in your arguments and evidence.

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There is the infamous 60 Minutes video in which he makes a full confession of being a Nazi collaborator. Not soup Nazis, not spelling Nazis, not feminazis, but real live Nazis. Soros was the real thing, turn in fellow Jews to be killed, Nazi collaborator.

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I can verify this. My parents are Hungarian Jews, as is Soros. It is well known among Hungarian Jews that Soros was a Nazi.

Also, it isn't nice to argue with the mentally disabled, so please leave socks alone.

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It's false, but many right-wing assholes in Israel believe it. See the links in the comment above:

Do you also have a problem with democracies? (You don't have to answer, but also know that you're a traitor to other Jews if you support the spread of disinformation about Jews. It just creates additional hatred of them, as you can see on Saidit.)

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Don't believe me, watch the infamous 60 Minutes interview where he confesses. Listen to his own words! Watch his reaction: is he ashamed, looking down, stammering? No, his eyes light up and he gets excited talking about his time as a Nazi collaborator. That's the deal with sociopaths, they can't recognize when they're horrifying normal people.

Journalist: "went out in fact and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews"

George Soros: "that's right"

Journalist: "yes i mean that's that sounds uh like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many many years. Was it difficult?"

George Soros: "not at all, not at all"

Watch the whole thing.

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Soros is not doing good in this world.

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He is - though perhaps you note this because you're influenced by right-wing propaganda.

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YoU aRe InFlUeNeCeD bY rIgHt WiNg PrOpAgAnDa

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Thanks for this. is now now nominated for the list at /s/ShitpostNews, here

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another shitpost to bullshit from u/rob3122! the sad thing is, this user isnt a bot.