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The Taliban changed the culture as they took over Afghanistan in the 1990's. They destroyed anything that didn't fit their culture, including ancient artifacts.

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Still based tho

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This is what I was going to say but then I thought that cultures do change from the inside constantly and that's different from outside cultures coming in and trying to force change.

I mean boy rape is also a big part of Afghan culture and the Taliban want to wipe that out.

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This spokesman for the Taliban is doing what any spin doctor is paid to do. He is paid with power and control by his own admission, even if he is lying about not being paid with money. His job is to talk about the "poor Taliban being bullied by the West" while pretending that the Taliban doesn't kill and enslave people who don't follow THEIR orders.

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I don't think they are bothering to pretend that because it literally says in the Koran they are allowed to.

They just pretend it's authentic killing and enslaving and then middle class westerners will lap it up.