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Senator Pauline Hanson, who was in attendance, dismissed the group by 7.30am, after police threatened to bring in tow trucks to remove the rigs.

This means that it is the police that are behind the shutdown, it is they that are pushing this scam virus.

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No, the police are not behind it. They are just gleefully enforcing it. Your politicians are behind it.

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Does qanon have a primary website?

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hey, there must have been some way that i formulated my sentence structure that gave you the impression that i was fucking around, right?

so, next time if i ask if qanon has a primary website, if you are in the mood to make jokes, kindly take that nonsense over to /s/funny

i aint here to play... kindly save that childish bullshit for your happy pride day.

people be jackassing around, i dont get it.

dont be messing around wasting my expensive data showing me your disgusting PORNO!

those dammed pervos dont know how to behave in front of civilized folks.

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I say let the anti covid/mask people do what they want, once ill the hospitals can say sorry you ask for this and let them die off.

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billions will die. you can begin celebrating now.

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Yeah in a land of the witless, you sure would be king.

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Well thank you, i am flattered that you think so highly of me. Do you know jesus as your lord and saviour?

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I say let the anti covid/mask people do what they want,

Sounds like a plan. I hope you're not saying you accepted the genetic manipulation substance they're falsely calling a vaccine. We don't need our DayZ players dying off, or effectively becoming one of the zombies irl.