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The internet knew about this the entire time. It was one of the first things I knew about these tests when they introduced them.

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Yep, but only people whose minds aren't polluted by globalist propaganda knew this, along with the thousands of other narratives issued by the lying press to foment hysteria for agendas.

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if you would only listen to doctor fauci, these things would make sense to you. ~biden

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Kary Mullis died suddenly in August 2019. He invented the PCR test, said Fauci didn't know anything. He pointed out that PCR tests don't detect infection, just bits of matter, and that the test was being misused with HIV.

Here's him talking about it.

The CDC has already played with cycle counts to achieve their desired results:

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Yes, almost just as important in this topic is that Dr. Kary Mullis couldn't stand Fauci and had been trying to expose Fauci as a fraud for many decades. Take a look at that short video summary.

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So, WuFlu data for the whole year and a half is severely compromised. Nobody will acknowledge this or care :|