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That's the endgame to all this defund the police bs btw, a completely unaccountable federal police force.

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But doesn’t that also mean they don’t have freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, or even the right to cover their ass via the 5th amendment? I’m confused..

Edit: ok, it’s “constitutional unaccountability”, that makes more sense now that I’ve read the whole thing lol. OP’s title is a lil misleading. That is fucked and scary.

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I watched "The Wire" a lot (again) lately and i still don't get how taking the 5th in a grand-jury prosecution serves the defendants in "covering their asses" considering a mean US jury. Maybe it is the other way around in reality than in TV but i still can't quite believe this.

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the wire spoilers

You’re talking about the last season? Cuz a lot of characters did that - remember Omar and bird? They got Omar to snitch on bird as pay back for what they did to Omar’s bf, and bird was pleading the fifth with his lawyer doing the talking. They also knew bird wanted to kill Omar because he was gay, so bird broke his silence in a fit of rage while Omar was on the stand like three times to call him a faggot lol.

I loved how before this scene started, the cop watching Omar before his court appearance was doing a cross word puzzle and the hint was about a Greek god, and he got stuck. And Omar, a black, poor, homeless (he lives in bandos), ghetto Robinhood who didn’t go through the school system that everyone underestimates to be your typical corner boy/gang banger, knew the answer and explained the whole story about the Gods. And the cop is like o.

It’s one of my fav scenes in the show, are you talking about season 5, where McNulty does what he does lol?

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I know all my context of US crime from TV shows (obviously). Even in these the "criminals" never went free even if they could get good deals.

But when i think about a rl-situation in a prosecution where a jury of 12 citizens decides about the freedom of a defendant i don't get how taking the 5th helps in any way. It maybe wiser to at least try to tell the defendants side of the story.

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Ahh I see. Nah not in this case - remember, Avon’s crew was smart (Bird was part of Avon’s crew), but even characters like this were just street smart, not “regular smart”. They couldn’t turn their Ebonics off or behave properly in court (like Omar does, and that’s because Omar truly is like a poet/philosopher due to his life circumstances and growing up gay where being gay is a death sentence).

That’s why they always hired that Jewish attorney to speak on their behalf. He had a rep for being vicious, making the other side look guilty and his clients innocent, and was in the pocket of any major gang and was rich because of this.

After Avon’s time, Marlo’s group came around and they weren’t as smart, but more violent. They always shut up and let the Jewish lawyer (who bounced from rich drug dealing gang to gang), again, so the speaking for them.

If you knew nothing but the street life, hustle, showing your teeth and barking when someone tested you, shot someone when they tested you, speak nothing but Ebonics, for real, how is speaking in front of a mostly white jury going to help?

In these cases, that evil, greedy Jewish lawyer who was a problem for the police and local government, was used as a middle man to communicate between the gangsters and the law.

Edit: each season was constructed to show you why our society fails, from the bottom up, with season 1 starting with just police and corner boys, to seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5 showing how the drugs corner boys deal are imported into cities (along with human trafficking), then police politics, local politics, how those reach big government politics, and how the schoo system harms children to “juke the stats” just like the police do, further harming the community and ruining children.

It’s a self-feeding cycle of negativity on a small scale that’s being revealed. And this is how America functions.

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How can you even remotely believe a headline like that. You're a lost cause.

What's even more laughable is that you guys were JUST all upset that a police officer was held accountable for actions like this. Why does it seem your opinion of police brutality relies solely on the race of the victim?

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Well it is an incompany paper anyhow. It only applies to PERSONS in a limited liability fashion who voluntarily become members of US CORP. So, it should apply to FEDERAL Employees.

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Well, that's good. At least they stopped pretending there is a legal recourse to tyranny.

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Does this mean federal employees lose rights to become property of the state, like "citizens" in the military?