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Thought crime

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I hope you're a troll. It's CP, children are raped for that shit.

Plus, this turd is a child molestor in the literal sense. His youngest (known) victim was 5, now he was arrested for possession of CP of children younger than 12. His oldest child (of 6, a daughter) is 11.

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I hope you're a troll. It's CP, children are raped for that shit.

You can say the same thing about ISIS beheading videos. People are killed to make ISIS beheading videos. Should people who watch ISIS beheading videos be put in prison?

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Not at all similar.

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Please, show us your video files. What do you have saved on your computer?

If you think it's ok to have videos of children getting touched or raped, or even naked pictures of them, then I'd be wasting my time arguing with you.

Do you think it's ok to own these pictures/videos?

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Way more than that.

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Same dude who molested his sisters and a cousin(?) when he was a teen.

That's why we need to use the death penalty: these people never change. Pedophilia is genetic, and eugenics is the only way to rid our society of degenerate genes.

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Please prove that pedophilia is genetic

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Here are a few sources:

What if pedophilia is a genetic disorder?

Increasingly, pedophilia is seen as an intrinsic disorder rather than a trait developed after suffering child sexual abuse. Genetic predisposition may delineate potential pedophiles: 30percent are left-handed or ambidextrous, and many are about an inch shorter than average, with a 10 point below-average IQ. The disorder has been found and researched almost exclusively in men.

60 MINUTES: Paedophiles 'born, not made', controversial study finds (This one seems to be pro-pedo, so tread with caution.)

By studying the brains of convicted child sex offenders, neuroscientist Doctor James Cantor claims to have uncovered an important – but uncomfortable – fact: Paedophiles are born, not made.

"All the evidence suggests that paedophilia begins in the womb," Dr Cantor told 60 Minutes reporter Liam Bartlett.


The causes of pedophilia (and other paraphilias) are not known. There is some evidence that pedophilia may run in families, though it is unclear whether this stems from genetics or learned behavior.

Causes of Pedophilia

Some pedophiles were also found to have chromosomal abnormalities. Out of 41 men studied, seven of them were found to have chromosomal abnormalities, including Klinefelter syndrome, which is a condition in which a male will have an extra X chromosome in their genetic code (Berlin & Krout, 1994).

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I don't buy any of this psychopathic bullshit, but I'm not surprised you have. Stop listening to nutjob psychologists.

Psychopathy might be genetic, but pedophilia is not. That is a fucking choice, don't ever let these pedos tell you otherwise.

Thanks for the sources though.

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I don't buy any of this psychopathic bullshit, but I'm not surprised you have.

Sounds like a weak argumentum ad hominem, but I'm not surprised you would result to that.

Stop listening to nutjob psychologists.

Everyone here is anti-science... Are you gon'o tell me to go buy your supplements now?

Psychopathy might be genetic, but pedophilia is not.

Even though studies have shown potential links, and it tends to run in families...

That is a fucking choice, don't ever let these pedos tell you otherwise.

It doesn't even matter if it's a choice, because they should get the rope regardless! I don't believe "insanity" should be a legal defense, either. Do the crime: pay the price; it doesn't matter if you where "born that way," or "insane," or "under the influence" — I don't care!

If pedophilia truly is genetic, though: we'll have to take extensive measures to prevent the pedo gene from reproducing, in addition to executing child molesters. The lack of natural selection has made the human race degenerate, and artificial selection is the only solution.

Anyways, I'm done discussing this. I need sleep.

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You are the science denier. Everyone here knows it too.