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Excellent list, which could expand, perhaps to companies who depend on most of their manufacturing in China.

Thanks! The real list is way larger; I just put the big brands people are likely to recognize. It would take weeks just to compile a list of every company connected to the CCP, if not months.

Sadly, however, I use a Mac.

Very sad indeed.

I think the Chinese government-related companies do not have a significant portion in one or more of those companies, but I am not sure.

Most sources don't disclose the percentage of ownership CCP companies bought, but among those I could find: they're largely small investments — but that doesn't mean they don't give them considerable influence, since these companies know they have to please Beijing if they want more cash later.

There are a few that are actual subsidiaries, like Riot Games — which explains their Vanguard spyware — but most of them only have a minority of CCP control.