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Colorado Shooting News Posted Before It Happened

Prior knowledge from the local MSM.


Edit: Also they included blurred photo of him walking out with a bloody leg.

A "mass shooter", a cop with no helmet, and a fireman with no jacket, and a loose helmet. No big deal.

No urgency. Just casually walking, and looking at the camera.

The fire truck has a shadow.
The three Hoaxsters have no visable shadow.

The scary white-looking Syrian is a high resolution image. Scary like a movie poster.

They couldn't get a better street image with real shadows, and at least two cops?

Looks fake AF.

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google always pre-dates shit like that for news articles that it indexes. don't use google.

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google always pre-dates shit like that for news articles that it indexes. don't use google

Do you have a source for this claim?

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maybe the last 200 times somebody got all excited about a google search timestamp that didn't stand up to scrutiny

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Is that a source?

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Is that a source?


It's possible that Google has recently began predating news, but this would cause many additional issues.

They actually removed the date-range searching feature a while back. I didn't realize they put it back.

Google is a NWO intel operation. This may explain why they removed it, and redeployed it.

Google's not our friend.

Most people don't realize this feature could be used for this.

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