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edging closer to civil war every day.

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This is some good news.

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That's so funny. The USA are hillarious. ahahah It does give hopes thought!

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The sherrifs are technically the highest law authority on the land as per the bullshit paper constitution at least. Local so-called govts bow for funding.

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Local so-called govts bow for funding.

The dynamic is kind of frustrating, because it's the citizens in those states and local areas that are generating the income that taxes come from in the first place. Why does the fed get the extra taxes when they're only using it as a carrot (or stick) that they're giving back anyways?

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“any and all federal agents trying to enforce the regulations listed in Section (1) shall be subject to arrest by the Newton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department,” and “the Newton County Missouri Sheriff’s Department shall be given the full authority to make the arrest of any and all federal agents that violate state laws and enforce the regulations listed in Section (1).”

Fed: "Hey. Hi. I'm here looking for Mr. Innocent."

Sheriff: "Why?"

Fed: "[Bullshit answer to move the person out of the state.]"

Sheriff: "Does this have anything to do with the 2nd Amendment?"

Fed: "Not at this moment."

Sheriff: "Sure, no problem. Here's his address and you know what? We'll even help you make the arrest."

Fed as soon they cross state lines with Mr. Innocent in the back seat: "Whoooo. That was easy. You're under arrest for owning a gun and ammunition."

As great as this sounds, how can this ever work?" It's a great olive branch that legally does nothing. All the fed has to do is make up a reason to get them out of the state. That's not as hard as y'all think it is.

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2nd amendment is for militias not guns

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The Supreme Court seems to think otherwise. Read DC vs. Heller. It is an individual right, as are all of the other 10 in the Bill of Rights.

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Try organizing a militia. They've already squashed that liberty.

I don't want violence any more than you do, but the reality is the government is (and always has been) out of control with their monopoly on violence. The ruling class his herding the sheeping into the abattoir with the "We'll protect you!" sign over the front door.

Only the rich and those who fight back and/or escape the prison fences will survive.