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Oh there are "forces of darkness among them" alright but it ain't the patriots who like, retweet or share an "extremist" post. It's the compromised commie brass that says shit like the quote above and questions the loyalty of their troops.

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Well, they are "sailors," and "marines," not "troops." Next, we really do not need servicemen who have extremist political views. I would prefer they have no opinions at all.

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When "extremist views" includes upholding the US Constitution, then I demand that every single sailor and troop holds "extremist views". My oath was to the Constitution, not the government.

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Call them what you want it makes no difference. If you prefer no opinion you will need an army of robots because it wi never happen with humans.

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Make sure you tell the sailors that you call them troops. They will really want to know and comment on that.

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You'd prefer a bunch of robots, then.

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"Not on my watch, not on my ship, not in my Navy"

Sailors engaging with an offensive post regarding white supremacism on social media could themselves be viewed as contributing to extremism in the service, according to Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. John Nowell Jr.

“Just by posting, retweeting, or liking an offensive post on social media — you could be participating in extremism,” Nowell said in a new video shared on Facebook.

“You may not personally know any shipmates with extremist beliefs,” Nowell said. “But I assure you that those forces of darkness are among us.”

The video coincides with the release of a new naval administrative message that directs commanders and commanding officers to conduct a stand-down, before April 2, to address extremism in the service, in accordance with a directive from the Pentagon issued earlier this month.

Commanders and commanding officers will be provided materials including a discussion guide, supplementary slides and other resources to facilitate discussions as part of the stand-down, the NAVADMIN said. Although leaders have the flexibility to customize the training, the stand-down must reaffirm and cover the meaning of the oath of office/enlistment, behaviors that violate the oath, Uniform Code of Military Justice direction on extremist activities, what is acceptable behavior on social media, and the duty to report cases of extremism.

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We need more of what they consider extremism in the military, and in civilian life. We need extreme amounts of extremism.

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I cannot imagine why.

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Because you are spiritually deficient.

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Please do go on.